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Welcome all beautiful souls, hope you’re living your best lives!

Recently I’ve been diving into beauty more than fashion, and that’s purely because nothing has majorly caught my eye recently…and I have no money lol. But saying that, I have a few street styles that you might like for yourself.

My street style varies every single day, sometimes I enjoy dressing up in pretty blouses with matching skirts and other times I can throw on an oversized vintage jumper and some shorts and that’s me done for the day. I’ll show you a few styles I have put together recently. If any of you sometimes feel like you’re dressing the exact same every single time then you may be inspired to try some other garments through my clothing.

Street Style: Floral Fantasy

Shown above was yesterdays street style. I’m OBSESSED with a square neckline at the moment. This top is actually an off-the-shoulder top, but I tend to wear it with the sleeves on my shoulders. By doing this, it creates the illusion of a square neckline. I think having a square neckline shows off your collar bones more and it makes your shoulders look smaller.

The red baker boy cap is a vintage piece and I love it. Goes with nearly every outfit and if you’re having a bad hair day it works like magic, covering your unwanted baby hairs. Match this top with a baker boy cap and a cute skirt and you’re on your way.

  • Baker boy cap: Wardrobe – Vintage shop – Leicester
  • Skirt: Topshop
  • Top: Stradivarius
  • Belt: M&S


Street Style: Denim Dreaming

It is the season for shorts, yayyy! Summer is here, we are all enjoying the sun in England at the moment, hope it lasts. Denim is in everyone’s wardrobes, from shorts to jackets, we all have a piece. This year I’ve been a huge fan of some blue shorts. Denim always comes in handy, especially for street style.

Shown in these images are two different pairs of shorts. The first ones are from Topshop, they have a VERY high waist, which is good for me. Matching blue shorts with a belt is essential to finish off your outfit. On the right, I have a darker denim for shorts, and these are my new babies. They’re highwaisted, vintage Levi’s shorts with a frayed edge. Definitely recommend. Match both these shorts with any pretty bodysuit or oversized top and you’ll be fashion central.

Left picture:

  • Top: Newlook
  • Shorts: Topshop
  • Belt: M&S

Right picture:

  • Top: Zara
  • Shorts: Vintage shop – London – Levi’s
  • Belt: M&S


Street Style: Skirt Central

Dresses and skirts are perfect for sunny weather. They allow you to be care free and allow you to tan your legs in the process; mine are pale and prune’s at the moment. But my holiday is in a months time so you’ll be seeing me become a golden nugget yayyy.

Left image: I am wearing a long dress, paired with some white trainers to bring that summer look, and then holding my Coach bag. Stripes are in fashion for me. I wear stripes quite casually, I wouldn’t have stripes on a ball gown but id definitely be wearing stripes on the street.

  • Bag: Coach
  • Dress: Zara
  • Trainers: JD/Puma

Right image: I paired my skort together with a yellow vintage buttoned dress, which I wore open to make it act like a jacket. Including a plain white top to match the skort. Only recently I’ve been a fan of the ‘skort’, which is a skirt and shorts combined. I tend to not go for these because id rather just wear a skirt or shorts, but this cute skort gave off Clueless vibes and I had to purchase it. The longer length of the skort on one side creates a dynamic look of the garment. The yellow brings out the summer feeling to the street style. I’d match this outfit with some dolly shoes or black boots.

  • Skort: Newlook
  • Yellow dress: Wardrobe – Northampton (has now shut down)
  • Top: M&S


Street Style: On the Chill

If you’re not wanting to have your legs on show then these styles are good for you! Again, denim is coming out this summer. Denim jeans will forever be in fashion, and I mean foreverrrr. I ripped the jeans on the left to make them more edgy. I paired this with some white trainers and a mens top.

On the right, I cut the top into a bandeau top, because the straps were weak and too thin. So they were cut off swiftly and quickly hahah. It’s much better as a bandeau. The jeans are from Urban Outfitters and they’re mid-rise. Mid-rise are my new favourites for jeans. I will always love high waist, but mid-rise have my heart at the moment. These are cropped at the ankle and look so cute with some trainers or black boots.

The places of purchase are tagged in the images.


Street Style: White on Red 

These images show me wearing a white top with a red skirt. White on red is a definite YES this summer. Red allows the outfit to ‘pop’ and stand out, whereas the white top makes the style look sophisticated and calms down the brightness of the red.

Left image: I was going on a night out with my pals and decided to dress more girly than usual. I tend to wear jeans on a night out, but this time it was such a warm night so I decided to whip out the skirt. This is actually a skort. This skort is my absolute favourite because it looks more like a skirt than shorts. The material goes all around the back, looking like a skirt, but underneath has the short parting. Skorts that act more like skirts is what i’m living for. I paired this outfit with some white trainers (puma) because I wasn’t loving heels at the time.

  • Skort: Zara
  • Top: Jane Norman

Right image: I was in London for the day due to being invited to the SkinnyDip focus group, so I wanted to dress for the occasion. I decided to wear my long skirt with a plain white top. Long skirts are in this summer and honestly look brilliant with strappy tops. The floral pattern on the skirt acts as the statement piece of the outfit whilst the white top is plain and in the background. White trainers make this style look casual, whilst black boots would make it more bohemian feeling.

  • Long skirt: Urban Outfitters
  • Top: M&S
  • Trainers: Air Force 1’s


Street Style: Slick X Smooth

This street style covers the slick side of fashion with the smooth fabrics. The left image is me wearing a white blouse and some blue jeans. The jeans tone down the style and allows me to be able to wear it anywhere I go. But to bump up the slick side of the style, I would pair the blouse with the trousers on the right image. The ribbed black trousers with the pointed heeled boots make me feel stylish and sleek. The trousers are very smooth and almost feel like leggings, they’re not see-through though don’t worry hahah. Pointed boots are a new love of mine, they’re in trend at the moment and I will enjoy wearing them with dresses as well as trousers. Pop this street style with a bright coloured bag and headband and you’ll feel amaze.

  • Jeans: Topshop – Jamie
  • Blouse: Zara
  • Black trousers: Topshop
  • Pointed boots: Kurt Geiger (Miss KG)
  • Bag: Coach


I hope you all have enjoyed this post, let me know if any styles have stood out for you this summer.

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo



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