A bloggers tiny holiday haul

Good Morn to you all! Hope you’re all feeling happy and wonderful on this warm day. I have builders across the street from me drilling all kinds of materials so currently I have a headache and i’m dying for a smoothie but cba to make one. If anyone wants to make me one feel free.

Anyhow, a bloggers tiny holiday haul, what a treat for me, but not my pocket lol.

Next weekend I shall be on a beach loving life, I CAN’T WAIT! I’m too excited. Spending time with my boyfriend and his family will be lovely, and I shall be tanning 24/7, living the life of Riley. Also, I haven’t been doing vlogs lately purely because I’ve been sorting things out and i’m focussing heavily on my blog, but lemme tell you, I have some exciting vlogs in the making, so watch out and subscribe to my YT channel. In addition, many more exciting blog posts are coming soon as well.

A few days ago I got on the train to Leicester, if any of you know, I enjoy shopping in Leicester, purely for the odd vintage shop here and there, but Urban Outfitters and Zara have my heart too. Searching for items to buy for my holiday is essential. I like to have new clothes for holiday’s because it makes me even more excited to get away and wear my new clothes and feel all fresh. I had a list on my phone of all the items I was looking for but nothing majorly caught my eye. So I decided to go for things I didn’t really need but I loved, typical aye.

I purchased four items, however the prices of them added up, hence the smallish haul. Shall we begin?

Headband: Urban Outfitters, Sale for £3.00


This beautiful headband actually caught my sisters attention, thank u to meg my main gal. She then thought it would suit me! I absolutely love headbands, I have plenty for my holiday now. All different colours and sizes, fabulous. This was in the sale for £3.00 and I had to have it. A pinkish/salmon coloured headband will make my hair colour stand out, as because i’m getting it dyed next week ahhhh too excited. I love to change my hair, from having it super long and brown to short and light, I just enjoy to switch it up. UO have a sale at the moment so i’d rush to visit.


Heeled Sandals: Urban Outfitters, Vagabond, Sale for £20.00

If you don’t know the brand Vagabond then you SHOULD. I ADORE their shoes, especially these. Suede sandals with a block heel and i’m already loving them. Vagabond are usually very very very expensive, for me anyways. But the fact these were so cheap I snatched them as soon as I saw them. I’m a fan of a chunky heel, whether it’s a boot, a trainer, or a sandal; chunky and funky and i’m purchasing them. Ever since I was young I’ve purchased platform shoes, purely because i’m a small gal and it helped me get a bit of height. But now I have formed a liking to bigger shoes because it makes me look slightly taller. But style these with a floral dress or a mini skirt and a blouse, BOOM you look amazing. Get to the UO sale pronto!!


Woven Basket Bag: Raffia Basket, Zara, Sale for £19.99

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Oh my oh MYYYY, i’m having feels for this bag. My boyfriend has already told me I look like little red riding hood with it hahaha, but idc, he doesn’t understand the cuteness of it. I’ve also said I could have a snake hiding inside it hahaha, but I honestly think it’s the cutest bag ever. It’s so tiny and only holds my purse and phone in it, but that’s all I need when carrying this in my hand. The woven basket bag is natural coloured, which means it would go with every coloured outfit. The button closure on the front allows nothing to fall out of it. The string handles don’t hurt your arms or leave marks or anything, it’s super comfy and light to carry; brilliant for hot weather. Can be worn on the shoulder, but I prefer to hold it in my hands or around my arm. Looking for a woven basket this year? Have a search in Zara for this small bundle of joy.


Bum Bag: The Vintage Scene Leicester, £10.00 – with student discount on top

As i’ll be on holiday, I thought it was only fitting to purchase a bum bag. My first bum bag. I don’t really know how to feel about bum bags in general, I do like them, however I’ve never looked at one and thought “that’s cute”; UNTIL TODAY. Brown bum bags are my all time favourite now. I wouldn’t go for any other colour unless I really liked it, but i’m enjoying this purchase a lot. I tend to wear shoulder bags or backpacks, because I think they’re more convenient for me. But this bag will be put to good use when on holiday. Me, Jonny, his sister Laura and her boyfriend are planning on going on a night out during out break away in Benalmadina, Spain and this will be coming with me i’m sure. I’d definitely recommend looking in this vintage store for some bum bags because they have SO MANY, like I mean loads, huge variety to choose from.

This was my tiny holiday haul for now, I’ve bought many other holiday clothes but these are my most recent purchases. I’ll be writing a post soon about all of the clothes i’m taking on holiday, so that shall be a longer post yay!

Just to mention, i’m still taking clients/people to help with their summer wardrobes. If anyone is needing any styling advice or fashion help just drop me a message on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and i’ll help you asap. It’s fun for me to help people but I’m also getting styling experience with the public. I’ve helped quite a few people now and some have said they’ll come to me for advice / help when they need it which makes me super happy! Thank you for coming to me and i’ll make sure to give my best advice out to you all.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed reading.


Instagram: soph.h

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo


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