All about my holiday to Benalmadena, Spain

Hello gorgeous people, welcome to another post, where I share all my information about things I’ve been up to.

This time last week I was still on holiday, sad times:( However, i’m back and better than ever. I’ve got some decisions to make which are scary but what’s meant to be will be! I’ll be sure to tell you more in the upcoming weeks.

Anyhow, today is all about my holiday!! As you all know, I went to Benalmadena. It’s in the south of Spain, very close to Malaga. The area is truly beautiful, from the lifestyle the Spanish have, to the environment they all live in. Butterflies, insects and lizards can be seen at nearly every corner, which I love. Seeing nature and nurture on holiday just excites me and it gives me an opportunity to see different kinds of wildlife that you wouldn’t ever see in England. I was on holiday for nearly 2 weeks with my boyfriend and his family, and it was fab! I’ll be talking about the exciting stuff we got up to, not just lounging by the pool, which I did a lot hahah.

So lets get onto it…

The Villa

The Villa was truly beautiful. I loved the colours of the sky at night! The pool was lush, as the day got hot the pool warmed up a little bit, and it just was a lovely temp all the time. The outdoor area was stunning, with a bar outside and a great stone seating area. We cooked outside a few times and ate by the bar too, was fab!

Palm tree’s I think are possibly my favourite tree. I LOVE taking pictures of them. I think nearly every holiday I’ve been on, I’ve just taken images of palm trees like 100 times hahaha.

Mijas – day trip

On one of the first days in Benalmadena, we visited Mijas. I had actually been to Mijas with my own family when I was really young and I didn’t remember it much, apart from the Donkey’s that are there. Mijas is a stunning place, with stone buildings everywhere and beautiful water features stood in the centre of the town.

The only thing I didn’t like about Mijas was the fact they kept Donkeys and Horses tied up, with hardly any water or food near them, as far as we could see. I don’t think they treat animals very well in Spain (as far as I’ve been told and what I’ve seen). I just wanted to free them all:( The donkeys and horses were meant to be used as a tourist attraction, and to be ridden on. Which I DON’T agree with whatsoever. I hate things like that. But anyhow, hopefully Mijas will free all of the animals and not use them to gain money in the future.

On a more positive note, I MADE CHOCOLATE! I am a huge fan of chocolate, it’s my weakness haha. Myself, Jonny’s older sister, and their younger brother all made chocolate together. The chocolate factory was so cute!! All ingredients & chocolate was made more healthily and organically. A portion of the earnings go to the Mayan Monkeys. We also had some ice cream from them, I had chocolate of course.


One evening we walked down to the beach and had a lovely meal in a restaurant. The restaurants by the beaches are nearly almost fish related, of course. But i’m actually not a fan of fish. I don’t particularly like eating it much. I like Cod, but that’s it. So this Fish Paella wasn’t me to a T hahah, but I still gave it a go. I really liked the rice and the flavourings throughout the paella, but I left the main fish pieces to the others.

The beach was huge! So many people were still on it even when we were leaving. The culture / lifestyle in Spain is very different from England. As we go to bed, the night life in Spain begins. They usually eat at 9pm and then stay awake until 2/3am. I was shocked to see 7 year olds awake at 2am at bars! But that’s their lifestyle and not gonna lie, i’m loving it!!

One night we went to a rooftop bar, myself, Jonny, Laura and her boyfriend Adam. We spent the night drinking away, I had Malibu and juices mixed together. The amount of Malibu / drinks that they put into glasses before adding the juices is MASSIVE, I was tipsy from one drink hahah, I was gone by the second one hahahah.

39140523_458189231333200_1583186659690676224_nThis drink was huge in person. I would say the Malibu : Juice ratio was 80:20, not even joking. I wasn’t complaining though hahah! The drinks were all so cheap, could’ve bought 10 of them!


Benalmadena Pueblo – the town

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The closest town was Benalmadena Pueblo, which was just as beautiful as the rest of the area. We walked to the town quite a few times, for ice creams, for shopping, for having a look around and for meals. The food in Spain is wonderful!! I ate very well on holiday hahah, heading to the gym tonight not gonna lie.

We visited Castillo de Colomares, which is Christopher Columbus’ monument. The monument was built in his memory. The stone walls were fantastic and the scenery was bright and colourful. I have written a blog post all about the monument, so you can read the previous blog about that.

Last week we also went to the Benalmadena Butterfly Park and oh my I was in heaven, surrounded by butterflies and I felt like a princess hahah, it doesn’t take much for me to feel special, and I truly felt special being surrounded by fluttering butterflies. I’ve again previously wrote a post about the butterfly sanctuary, so go give that a read if you’d like more information (and butterfly pics haha).

One day during the holiday we got a cable car up a HUGE mountain, not joking, HUGE MOUNTAIN. We then had a look around and saw the lovely views. We then continued to walk up the mountain, right up to the top. I was on TOP of a mountain, the literal peak of it. Couldn’t have been any higher. I’m scared of heights, but I feel like I’ve over come them now hahah. It was an amazing experience and one I wont forget, literally.

Boat Trip – Marina day

In the middle of the holiday, we went to the Marina. Filled with boats and people selling items at every stop, we were surrounded by happy faces and tanned skin. Just wanna say i’m very tanned people hahah, feelin’ all golden. Anyhow, we ate at a lovely restaurant and me & jonny shared some tapas, we were tryna be all Spanishy.

The boat trip was fascinating. I haven’t been on many boats in my lil lifetime, but this one if one that i’ll remember. We went on a Chinese Junk boat, if you don’t know what they look like have a little google. But it was great! I took many ocean pictures and video’s. I love the sea, never get sea sick and I truly love the oceans creatures. If I saw a dolphin I think I would’ve died and gone to heaven haha.

The last meal

Oh my oh my oh my oh my, the meal was lushhhh. We went to La Pala D’oro Pizzeria. It was stunning inside, felt so posh! We had some bread to start with, and i’m a lover of bread. Then chose our mains, I had carbonara and jonny had this huge thing hahah, called a calzone. It was like three times the size of my hand. We then shared chocolate ice cream!

The last evening Outfit


  • Lipgloss: Glossier – clear lipgloss
  • Mascara: Benefit Cosmetics UK – roller lash
  • Cream blush: Glossier – cloud paint in Puff
  • Concealer: Glossier – stretch concealer


  • Top: Pull & Bear
  • Trousers: Stradivarius
  • Mules: H&M
  • Bag: Vintage Bag
  • Rings: Tiffany & Co

On the last day I had a butterfly land on my finger, it was a dream come true. Felt at one with nature! It was so calm and beautiful. A great moment to happen to me on my last day in paradise.

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Speak to you all on Friday angels!!

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo



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