Want Autumn clothes like mine? Here’s how I do it!

Hello readers of itssophie.com, hope you’re Friday is consisting of eating chocolate and watching movies, (legit what I love doing).

You’re probably wondering why i’m talking about Autumn now? Well because it’s literally around the corner. A/W Clothing is a love of mine. Even though I am a sun baby, I could quite happily live in snow and not be bothered whatsoever. But I think that’s because my birthday is in winter (December the 7th if you wanna send cards lol) and I’ve always had winter parties. Ice skating at Beckworth Emporium happens every year, and I shall be back for more this winter. HOWEVER, THIS IS NOT A WINTER POST. This is all about why I’ve decided to purchase early a few bits and pieces for the Autumn and why you should too.


  1. Old Styles / Out of Season Items– so I enjoy wearing items of clothing when it’s not fully in ‘style’. Yeah I know it’s weird, but I tend to purchase idk like trainers or something maybe a few months after they’re popular. “Why?” Well purely because I prefer to not be in style the same as everyone else, so I kinda wait until it’s right for me to have a certain piece of clothing or certain type of trainers. Yup I know, strange but hay ho. I think you look so much more cute when you’re not following the crowd.
  2. Prices – ok so the prices of coats and all autumnal items can be extremely pricey when it comes to the actual season you’re buying it in, such as coats. I nearly always buy coats in the summer so I am ready for the colder months. “Why?”, well it’s because the prices are SO DAMN GOOD PEOPLE. I bought some designer coats this week and they were such good prices, so I purchased them hehe. I will be showing you my most recent Autumn purchases later on in the post. But I would highly recommend buying coats and jumpers now (or during late August – Early September) so you get great prices.
  3. Car Boots – I have tonnes of car boots that occur around where I live all the time. One I try to go to often is the car boot in Earls Barton. Two years ago me and Jonny (my boyfriend) went to that car boot and he bought me a £1 coat … £1 !!! It’s so cute and I wear it every single Autumn. It’s a yellow coat and it suits boots so so well, and it’s in great condition. I love to wear second hand clothing or vintage clothes, because you’re 1) giving the item another chance to be worn and 2) you’re not harming the environment through purchasing clothes. It’s all sustainable people! I try to be as sustainable as I can, but of course if I see something I like, i’ll buy it. Anyways, don’t think car boots are grim or dirty, because you can get great items for fab prices.
  4. Bulk Buys – If you’re into vintage clothing like I am, then you’ll know about the sales in vintage stores or the term ‘bulk buy’. Bulk buy is when you basically purchase a lot of clothing or items at the same time. So you bulk buy anything, from when you do a weekly food shop, or when you buy vintage clothes, I call it a bulk buy. Sometimes, you’ll see on Facebook or just through Google that there are maybe some pop-up vintage stores or whatever occurring at the weekend, and it says ‘item by weight’. This experience is a bulk buy but through the weight of the items. So the price only depends on how much your bulk buy / items weigh altogether. Example: I go to buy a headband and a scarf – because these items are SO LIGHT IN WEIGHT, then they’ll probably be like £1 for the both of them together. However, if you buy lets say a coat, 5 jumpers and some boots, then the price would be maybe £25 + because those items are heavier and you have more of them. Both choices are fabulous because it’s such a cheap way to get your Autumn clothes. Anyhow, the point is I like to know when these events happen and I go to them and try to bulk buy. So I might get 3 vintage jumpers and maybe a cute scrunchie or something and the price works out SO MUCH CHEAPER than it would do normally in the year. I’d recommend looking online for vintage pop-up stores and see if they do item by weight sales. I prefer to do these kind of events in summer / early autumn, then I can get cute jumpers for good pricing.

Here’s a few purchases I’ve made this week, so I’m slowly getting ready for A/W.

Coat – Max Studio

This is the coat of my dreams people !!! It is huge hahah, I would only wear this on special occasions and when it is absolutely freezing outside. This is a Max Studio designer piece. I always check out the designer sections on John Lewis because they do AMAZE prices / sales.

This Max Studio coat was £230.00. I bought it for £69.00 people!!!! A huge fluffy faux fur long coat in a beautiful dark blue colour. This is the colour for A/W for me.

Coat – Max Studio

This is another wonderful piece by Max Studio, I couldn’t help myself. This lil jacket is actually either a L / XL. I wanted a larger jacket to wear so it is oversized on me. So the sleeves are longer on me and the length isn’t cropped, it’s sits just over my hips perfectly.

This velvet jacket was £90, and I bought it for £27.00 !!! An epic purchase from me once again I have to say. I love velvet material, in tops and coats especially. It’s a stand out piece for every wardrobe this A/W.

I’ve bought my coats and jackets early because of the SALES PEOPLE. Wonderful priced designer clothing for less than half the price of what it was originally retailed at. Great bargains happen in summer / early autumn because they’re getting ready for their new stock.

Jeans – LEVIS – Bicester Shopping

This week also, I visited Bicester. I LOVE looking around the designer shops there and having a lovely day out. This week, Bicester have had some very enormous sales in their designer stores. I looked around my favourite bag company EVER – which is Coach, but I wanted to wait until I’d saved up lots of money to buy another beautiful bag from them. So we headed to Levi’s!

I have a few Levi’s jeans. They’re the comfiest jeans ever! I feel really great in them, they’re figure hugging but not too tight! They’re just perfect to wear day to day.

I bought these Levis this week in Bicester. Guess how much they were !!???!!

They went from £85.00 down to … bloody £15.00 !!!!! The bargain hunter strikes again!!

I was over the moon with this purchase. They let my figure be shown off without them being tight, they’re super comfy, I roll up the bottoms to give them an edgy look and they’re just a fabulous jean. The pockets with Levis always sit wonderfully on your booty and they’re a jean that makes you feel good about yourself. I’d 100% recommend heading to Bicester soon, I’m going again I think in a few weeks to get more Autumn bargains.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my Autumn purchases (so far eeek), and I hope you get your Autumn bulk buys / sale items quickly before they run out for the new stock entering.

As a quick update, a beautiful clothing company have contacted me and they’re sending me some blogger mail which I will be unravelling to you all on my YouTube channel when they arrive. I cannot wait! I feel so thankful for the companies collaborating with me! It means the world! Couldn’t be more thankful<3

Speak to you all on Tuesday! Instagram – soph.h

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo

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