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Good Afternoon beautiful people, I wish you all to have a wonderful rest of your day!

My Depop: henderson_sophie

If you follow me on twitter – sophhendersonn, then you all know that I’ve had a big clear out (so far anyways), and I’ve decided some items are too nice to not sell. I nearly always throw out my clothes and give them to charity, because I believe clothes should always have a second chance at being worn. Clothes are made for wearing and are pieces of art, so why just throw them casually away? Depending on how worn they are and how old they are, you can sometimes either: 1) give to charity 2) sell them online 3) sell them at a car boot or 4) just tip them, so they can be recycled into something else. But I tend to give to charity!

I’ve only ever sold one item online before and that was on Depop, it was a bag that I didn’t need. So it is now someone else’s property. But today is the day! I am finally wanting to sell some clothes that I think are worthy of wearing still. Some items I am selling are literally brand new, just old season and I’ve attempted to try them on and they just don’t fit anymore, yay for gaining weight.

Anyhow, most of these clothing pieces are jeans / trousers at the moment. I’ve only cleared out part of my wardrobe, so I still have jackets, jeans and tops to sell. They are on Depop for you all to look at and also on here so you can purchase them through me directly. If you like any of these, feel free to message me on Instagram: soph.h – I will then respond saying that they’ve either been sold or are still free to purchase. Otherwise, purchase them through DEPOP.

My DEPOP: henderson_sophie

Jeans – DEPOP – NewLook

These beautiful jeans are from NewLook. They fit perfectly and make your booty look good!! Ripped edges, lovely fit and it’s a washed out blue colour.

Size: Small / 8

jeans 21This is what they look like on.

For more information head over to my Depop page.


Zara – DEPOP – Boyfriend Jeans

BEAUTIFUL blue boyfriend jeans from Zara. I bought these I believe early last year. They’re amazing, however do not fit me anymore. Only worn a few times. No marks or anything on them. Pretty much brand new, just old stock.

They would fit a size 4 or size 6 perfectly. I think Zara jeans and clothing can have strange sizing. I’m usually either a 6 or 8 but these come out a bit tighter. I love them though, so I want them to be re-homed.

jeans 22This is what they look like on.

Check out my DEPOP for more information.


Zara – DEPOP – Black Leggings

Perfect fitting black leggings. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. However I am having a clear out, so these babies should be re-homed and worn by someone fabulous.

The ribbed edges on both legs makes a great effect and makes your legs look slimming. Wonderful around the booty and thighs. High-waisted and great for that fashionable girly.

Check out my DEPOP for more information.


Topshop – DEPOP – Culottes 

These culottes are cream and red coloured. Fab fitting, better for a smaller size 6. Lovely around the waist. Culottes are one of my favourite type of trouser, so I think these are wonderful. Paired with a cream blouse or a red top and it would look lush.

Size 6

For more information, head over to my DEPOP page.


Topshop – Denim mini skirt – DEPOP

Denim mini skirt from Topshop. An old skirt so only asking for a £5 for it. It’s amazing on. Would fit a size 4 or 6. With a black belt, this looks gorgeous. It’s a mini skirt remember, so it’s small in length, but makes your booty and legs look great.

For more information, look at my DEPOP.


Topshop – white jeans – DEPOP

I’ve had these for a while now, and they’ve never discoloured!!! They’re a perfect white colour. A wonderful jean to own. Topshop jeans can be expensive, but these were so worth it at the time. High-waisted and tuck everything in nicely. Length is amazing and fits perfectly in all the right places.

Only asking for £10 for them!

To purchase them, head over to my DEPOP page.


Thank you so much for reading this. I will be selling SO MUCH MORE in the upcoming days / weeks. From coats to jumpers to tops! I have taken care of my clothing for years and years now, so it is all in great condition and for fab prices. I love my clothes and it took me a lot to sell these hahah, i’m a hoarder no joke. But i’m happy to sell these now and give them a wonderful new home.

Depop – henderson_sophie

I’ll speak to you all on Friday!

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo

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