Bank holiday / night out make-up tutorial

Hello, I hope you’re all well on this dull day, hopefully this post will cheer you up though yay!

I’ve decided to write a make-up post, because i haven’t done one in a while and many of you mentioned that you loved my make-up posts from a few months ago. So to please my angels, i’m writing all about my make-up yassss. I’m posting this rather early because i’m going to Thorpe Park for the day with my friends, so if you’re an early bird then you get to read this first hahah.

Bank holiday night out.

Bank holiday night’s out are very known and pretty much everyone goes out somewhere or has a party through bank holiday weekend. On Monday evening my group of friends and I were invited to a house party, so we attended and had such a laugh. Was a lovely evening with kind people. Thank you Bethan & Lauren for the invite!

I love to do my make-up on night’s out. You have more time, can be more accurate when applying glitter or mascara (or whatever takes your fancy) and you can just be happy with the way your make-up looks. I’ve been on night’s out before where i’ve not liked how i look or my make-up, due to going out suddenly and not having much time to get ready. I think i enjoy getting ready more than actually going out hahah. Weird i know.

I’ll be showing you step by step my make-up, how i’ve applied it and how it looks at the end.

Make-up I used-

  • Mascara: Benefit Cosmetics, Roller Lash
  • Cream Blush: Glossier,
  • Highlight: Pixi by Petra, Gold & Benefit Cosmetics, Watt’s up
  • Concealer: Collection
  • Lipstick: Mac, Red Rock & Velvet Teddy (i change my choice a lil hahah)


1st Step –

Firstly, i wipe my face or clean my face with a wipe or I have a quick wash to clean my face completely. I then put on my concealer.

I place the concealer on reddish areas, spots or where it needs lightening up. I also put it under my eyes if needed. I dab, NOT RUB, dab the concealer onto my skin so it doesn’t smudge or get grim. If you know then you know.

2nd Step –

I then put on my highlight. I usually put on a base highlight to get more of my cheek area highlighted before i put on the show-stopper highlight ahhah, because it then makes the other highlight not as harsh on my skin. There’s nothing worse than when you see someone not put their highlight on correctly (my opinion). I think theres a fine line between beaut highlight and way too much. Subtle glow was my aim for last night.


I used the gold highlight. I’m tanned at the moment, so i need a more bronzed / gold highlight to suit my skin.

3rd step –

My FAVOURITE step. The blush step. I use cream blushers! I like the feel of the product on my skin much better than powder blushers. It goes on more smoothly and it makes me happy hahah. I use my middle finger when dabbing / tapping the product onto my skin, that goes for concealers too! It works much better using the middle finger to be honest. I lightly rub the corners of the blush / the surrounding blush, blending towards my cheek bones, this add’s colour underneath your highlight.

4th step –


The fourth step is mascara. I try to make my lashes even out and not be clumpy. Clumpy mascara is the worst. I put mascara on the top and bottom lashes, so my eyes stand out. I use black mascara as its a major contrast to my blue eyes, allowing both to be showing clearly.

Top tip: to lengthen the look of your lashes, BEFORE putting mascara or anything on them, use a powder on the ends of your fingers and tap lightly the product onto the ENDS of your lashes, then place the mascara or primer onto them. It works, trust me.

5th step –

The last highlight to be placed onto my face yasss! This highlight can be over powering onto your skin, so i like to put a base highlight before i whack on some of this stuff. I put this product under my brows / brown bone, my nose, my cheek bones, cupids bow and finally my chin. I rub this in with my good ol’ middle finger and gently rub in strokes, aiming for the top of my cheek bones.

6h step –

I did originally put on some red lipstick, but i then changed my mind and went for nude. The red was a very bold statement which i do love, however i was attending a house party so it wasn’t really the look i was going for. So later on in the evening i took a picture of me wearing the nude lippy, so the camera quality of the image isn’t good i’m afraid.

Thank you for reading this House Party make-up tutorial. Depending on the evening, i’d wear possibly glitter or other products, but i went for a minimalistic look. If you’d like to see more youTube vlogs of tutorials for make up please drop a message down below.

  • YT channel: Sophie Henderson
  • Instagram: soph.h

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo


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