Getting A/W ready, with my most recent purchases

Hello my angels, and welcome to another post. I’m sat, writing my heart and soul out to you all, whilst drinking a cup of tea and loving life.

Hope you’re all well!

Today i’m travelling to Hull with my boyfriend. He goes to University in Hull, so I go and visit a lot throughout the year. However, we’re visiting his new house that he’s living in with his friends, so we’re having a mini holiday for a few days. Site-seeing, spending quality time with one another and having lots of food is key on this trip. I’ll be sure to show you all my Hull visit in Friday’s post.

Anyhow, this is about FASHION, PEOPLE!! I am getting Autumn / Winter ready, and by that I mean purchasing lots of coats, jumpers, jeans/trousers and boots. So far I’ve been buying coats, i’ll slowly move onto boots, trousers/jeans and of course warm cosy jumpers. I love a cosy jumper, comment below your favourite fashion shops and i’ll have a mooch on them for jumpers.

P.S, excuse the wet hair, just had a shower hahah.

My recent A/W purchases:

Zara – Teddy Coat: £69.99

This coat is BEAUTIFUL. I’m truly in love. I only purchased it yesterday and so many people on Instagram have asked me where it’s from! I love it when people ask me where my outfits / pieces are from, makes me happy inside haha!

This coat is so comfy, warm and soft. I’ve got so many coats but this will be the winter coat of dreams this year. Zara is a fast fashion store, and it moves it’s retail on VERY quickly. Every two weeks it seems like they get completely new stock in, so if you’re looking to purchase this coat i’d recommend buying it within the next few weeks as they will stock other coats in very quickly, I believe.

The colour, tone, texture and feel of the coat is what I’ve been looking for. I walked into Zara yesterday afternoon (in Milton Keynes Centre), saw the coat, tried it on in a size XS and S, decided on the sizing, went straight to the till, and within 5 minutes it was bought haha! I don’t piss about people hahah. Was a quick yet AMAZING purchase on my behalf. A great £70 well spent.

I bought it in a size S. I tend to be a XS/S in most shops, but depending on what jacket / coat I’ve bought, depends on how baggy I like it. The sizing comes out a bit larger, so the small that I bought would fit a Medium and possibly large. Again, it depends on how you like the fit of your coats. I prefer an over-sized one for the winter, it means you can wear jumpers / layers underneath!

Thank you to everyone who’s complimented me on it, means the world!


Lee Cooper Jeans: £5.00

OKURRRR, these jeans are wonderful. I shall tell you the story about them …

Me and my boyfriend were walking around where he lives, and we noticed there was a Garage Sale throughout the whole village. Loads of people got involved and were selling their second-hand gems. Now this is my cup of tea people, right up my street!!

So we were walking around, in the sunshine, having a giggle at some of the peoples items that they’ve previously owned, some were truly hilarious .. and strange hahaha.

But I saw a lady selling jeans. I really like second-hand clothing, it gives the item a new chance to be worn! So I saw a few pairs of jeans and these caught my eye. Vintage, NEVER WORN, Lee Cooper jeans. I am a huge fan of Lee jeans / clothing. Search up Lee Cooper jeans, and then you’ll know how awesome this purchase was.

The fresh, blue colour of the jean was so lovely. The sizing was just perfect on the waist. However, the length is far too long, i’m a shawty over here, so I knew they needed trimming … a lot.

But I still purchased them because guess how much they were??? A FIVER !! A tremendous purchase from me, and I walked out of there happy as Larry. I tried them on when I got back to Jonny’s and they were a great fit. I’ve been going to the gym now for a few months so i’m trying to tone up, so the jeans will fit amazingly once i’m happy with how I look.

I just need to cut off the bottom part, which I will be doing a Vlog on YouTube about. I’ll be showing you all how I cut and fray my clothes.

  • YouTube Channel: Sophie Henderson
  • Instagram: soph.h


Recent Vintage Items

Gucci sunglasses & Radley handbag

Gucci sunnies:

well these are my new favourite sunglasses. My mum found them when having a big clear out the other week and decided to give me them! Her vintage Gucci sunglasses, oh my! I’m truly in love. I’m hoping to save for some Gucci loafers or some Gucci trainers! I’m so happy with these. Have them a lil clean / polish and they look as good as new.

Radley Bag:

This Radley bag is my all time favourite. Again, when having her clear out, my lovely mother gave me this gem of a bag. I love the pattern, the material and the size of the handbag. I’ve been using it every day since she gave me it. Thank you mother for your wonderful fashion taste and for your kindness! Xx

These have been my most recent purchases & items for A/W so far. I’ll be doing an A/W post in a few weeks time, when the weather has chilled down a lot. Follow me on Instagram, subscribe to my YouTube channel and my blog! I’m so happy with how engaged you all are with my posts, so thank you!

Love, Sophie Eleanor / (Styled by Sophie) xo




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