September Attire, fashion scarves & mini skirts

Hello flowers, i’m currently sat in a car with my boyfriend, driving around the Cotswolds. I’m living my best life whoop!

You’re probably wondering why I’m here? Well we’ve spent two days seeing Jonny’s Nan! She live’s in Bath, so we travelled through the Cotswolds to see her, because it’s a beautiful area. I’d highly recommend!

Jonny’s Nan kindly took us out for a meal in the evening, we went to The Globe. It was wonderful! I ate Gammon, eggs and skinny chips, because it’s such a simple yet great meal.

Anyhow! My September attire shall be mini skirts and fashion scarves. I’m so into a skirt right now! I’m usually wearing jeans or trousers throughout the year, so wearing skirts shall be a slight change.


I’ve recently bought this beautiful vintage scarf for my hair. It can be worn as a headpiece, around your neck, on your belt loop or on your bag! I’ll be wearing it all sorts of ways, and friday’s blog will be linked to it.

I bought it from the Milton Keynes Vintage fair which happens maybe twice a year. I wore my vintage blouse that I bought from them and they recognised the blouse and were really helpful when I purchased more!

Random thought but Jonny was so cute to me yesterday, as I walked out of my house for him to pick me up, he said “didn’t realise I was picking up a supermodel”, and honestly it made my day already hahah! He can be cute at times. Made me feel special!

September Attire



  • Black Skirt: topshop
  • Long sleeved ruffled top: Warehouse
  • Boots: Next
  • Fashion scarf: Vintage Store
  • Teddy faux fur Coat: Zara



I’m IN LOVE with my coat, it’s the comfiest thing and I’ve been complimented on it loads. The size of it, thickness, colour, shape and texture is just perfect for A/W.

Fashion Scarves

I think the look of a scarf / fabric tucked around your bun or pony-tail can make any outfit or hair style look incred! I tend to wear them with a pony-tail, and then have a really simple outfit on, so then the hair piece truly stands out and is the statement piece of the whole look.

So the list of things i’m a hug fan of this year:

  • Teddy Coat (I’ve got another teddy coat which is longer also, which is from Urban Outfitters)
  • Skirts
  • Over-Sized jumpers
  • Hair pieces, such as fashion scarves & vintage clips
  • Black Boots

This shall be my Autumn / Winter look! I hope you’ve enjoyed this shorter blog post. I’m currently in the car heading to a pub with my boyfriend for lunch!

I’ll speak to you all on Friday my angels.

Any questions about where to buy head pieces or items just drop me a message at the bottom of this post.

Instagram: soph.h

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo

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