catch up’s & catwalk details

Hi angels! I’m currently sat at uni writing this all out, I love that I can blog from my phone! It’s super easy & if I need to note anything down on my blog I can do it quickly. So, all around fab!

Throughout this blog post i’ll include images of my Attire for today! Btw tomorrow is October the 3rd, if anyone is a fan of Mean Girls then you’ll be wearing pink I’m sure! (‘On wednesdays we wear pink’ & ‘it’s October the 3rd’) – references for those who need it hahah.

The traffic this morning was actually awful. It usually takes me around 15 minutes or 20 at most to get to uni, but it took me a WHOLE HOUR. Then I had to park and there was noooo parking whatsoever. The multi-storey was full. So I eventually parked in Morrisons for 2 hours free, then I moved it elsewhere. My life aye. I also bought some gummy bears from Morrisons if you wanna know the details hahah.

Attire of the day

  • Boots: Bershka
  • Skirt: Topshop
  • Belt: Vintage
  • Oversized knitted hoody: M&S

So I got to uni early this morning because I was meeting my friend Sophie. Sophie’s honestly one of the kindest girls I’ve ever met. So down to Earth and so so funny! She met me with her friend Amy and their friend from their course. I believe they’re all studying Primary Education, they’d all be great teachers!

Sophie was the girl who I helped in her car crash not too long ago, and it’s so great because we’re at the same uni so we can talk to each other about what’s happened this year & can sort of vent to one another. It’s a nice feeling when you meet a friend who you have similarities with, whether it’s through an event or just by personality.

We met for a catch-up in my building, the Creative Hub. I’m currently sitting here with my book open & not having a clue where to go now because I’m lost hahah. Anyhow, it was great to see Soph again & meet Amy & their lovely friend.

I’m still getting to know my bearings really, it’s a huge uni tbh. My course itself though is very small, so I can’t exactly find someone in the hallway to ask where I’m going, I’ve gotta plan it all a day before.

I’m in uni today to meet my course tutor again and my fashion friends to have a brief overview of the year. It’s my first day properly back at uni, so it’ll be jam packed with lots of information. I’m using my cute planner from Paperchase to note it all down in. Gotta love a planner.

(These gummy bears are amazing btw, 77p from Morrisons for a ‘sharing’ bag… but tbh I’m gonna eat it all myself.)

I’ve got a huge list on my phone of all my creative ideas for photoshoots, models & looks for the year, so I can’t wait to share it with you all! I’ve also got a massive blogging list for themed posts to go on here, so they’ll be made once I’ve gotten into the swing of second year uni life.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last night, me & my lovely mother went to the theatre to see Kinky Boots! If you haven’t seen it then you’re honestly missing out, it’s AMAZING! Drag queens are wonderful & fabulous in every way. The costumes in the show were beautiful. I constantly look at the styling & designs of the costumes, and they were truly a work of art, and so were the boots oh my! Go & grab your tickets!!

I’m off to the movies tonight, not sure what we’re planning on watching, but we’ll decide when we get there. (Spontaneous I know).

On Saturday, I went to a fashion show in Milton Keynes Centre. I’ve walked a catwalk as a model this year which was sooo fun and I felt great! I love modelling in general, for peoples uni projects & for blogging. But this time I was watching it and seeing the show from another view.

The models were beautiful and showed the clothing pieces professionally. They walked the catwalk which was lovely, but they also danced which was a great twist to the show. The opening of the show was a short clip of different models & it was a great opening to the catwalk.

There was a makeup artist from the Mac area in John Lewis who was showing a live makeup creation. Lots of different smaller events took place at this one large catwalk, it was a bit of me I must say.

Attire to the Fashion Show / Catwalk

  • Blazer: Zara
  • Blouse: Vintage
  • Handbag: Vintage Radley
  • Belt: Vintage
  • Slip Dress: Missguided
  • Boots: Bershka

This is my favourite outfit of allllll time! I’m so happy I styled it & created it myself. This is what I wore to the catwalk. I’ve had so many wonderful comments & likes on my Instagram images of these so thank you everyone for supporting me & my fashion journey. Means the absolute world!

Remember to enter my giveaway angels! It closes this time next week!!! 9/10/18. For more information head over to my instagram: soph.h

Loving you all! Speak on Friday!

Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo


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