Most recent purchases: Coach Designer handbag & SkinnyDip Coat

Hello my angels, sorry for this later post. I’ve been in London all day & my phone has officially died whilst I was in London. I need one of those portable chargers asap.

However, I am back home now & I’m able to write this post for you all! Hope you’ve had a great Tuesday.

So this weekend I went to Bicester. If you don’t know, Bicester have a discounted shopping outlet, filled with all designer goods & beautiful brands. One of my favourite brands ever in the whole entire world is Coach.


Coach bags are LIFE. I love love love them, if I had the money I’d buy the whole store & every season & collection of bags. I went to Bicester to buy some Christmas & birthday presents that are coming up shortly & well … I ended up buying something for myself. Oops.

All wrapped up & clean AHHH! Makes me super happy just looking at the packaging. It’s literally just a plastic sheet inside a paper bag, BUT THATS NOT THE POINT. It’s great (apart from the plastic, it should be recyclable).

It’s honestly beautiful. Was meant to be £320 but I got it for around £160. How great of a discount is that? I’m a happy bunny.

The discount in the Coach store that day was just perfect & i’d be a fool to miss out on it. Especially when Coach bags are my ultimate favourite.

I wanted a black bag for a while that would be my everyday sophisticated yet cute bag, so I happened to bump into this one & fell in love, literally. Two ladies were in the store looking at bags & one of them walked over to me & said “I’m going to buy this bag purely because I just saw you wearing it and it looks great”. I felt shocked yet honoured that she truly bought the bag based on the look of it on me!! Like why me hahahah. But it made me feel all warm inside so thank you, kind lady! Hope you love the bag just as much as I do.

Today I went to London for the whole day to do some Visual Merchandising & mooching about. I will be talking all about this on Fridays post, so keep updated for my upcoming posts!

Arrived in the post today was my coat that I’ve waited for a few weeks for & im so glad it’s finally arrived!!!

SkinnyDip London 

SkinnyDip are a really funky, fun, colourful & carefree brand that always design their products fantastically. Their designs can vary to being whacky yet glamorous also.

Around six months ago, I had the opportunity to be invited by SkinnyDip themselves to go to their head office in London to their event which took place in spring.

There was around 12 others at this event & we were all there to see what designs we liked & to see what should & shouldn’t be sold in their stores, online & instore.

It was a wonderful opportunity that I am so glad to have attended, so thanks again to SkinnyDip for providing me with a goody bag of some of your favourite products, an amazing voucher & some great pizza that we all shared. The pizza was truly a blessing, I ate most of it hahah.


So as we were choosing what goes into their production lines, we all got to see what they designed & made. It was all for their A/W 18/19 collection, and it was heavily based around them bringing out clothing! They hadn’t brought out much clothing before, so it was an honour to be part of the SkinnyDip venture into clothes.

Touching & testing out the clothes, I was drawn to a coat that I honestly wanted so so so badly to be in their stores so I ofc could purchase it. To my knowledge, they’ve put it into their stores ahhhhh!!! Happiness overwhelmed me truly.


To have something that you said was amaze go into production was a really cool feeling. All of our opinions were taken on & im just super happy that this is online & in their stores.

I’ll take more photos of it on me at a later date as it’s too dark in my room to take them now. But I shall  & upload them onto here, but here is the coat from their website. The images are not my own.


It’s such a statement piece. I’ll be wearing this tomorrow with some black jeans & just basic dark colours. I like wearing black at the moment, possibly because it’s getting into the colder months & black always goes with everything, especially the coats I own.

I bought this coat for £60 because I got kindly given a gift card from skinnyDip themselves, but it’s online for £80 and it’s just a fabulous coat for the colder weather. If you want to look sleek yet standout then I suggest you purchase one of their coats, they have a few online in many different designs, they’re all super cute & cool!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this later post, i’ll be writing an in-depth one this Friday, all about my London trip.

Instagram: soph.h

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo

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