Halloween Special – oooogx, fright night & Spooktacular makeup by Chloe



Boo!!! Boo!!! Boo!!! Boo!!! Boo!!!

Welcome to my haunted Halloween post my devils, hope you have a spooky day.

Tomorrow is the day we’ve all been waiting for, Halloween. I love looking at other people’s makeup styles & Halloween tutorials this time of year. It’s a whole month of being evil, and I love it.

I’m dedicating this post to all evil spirits, my spooky sisters & my haunted humans. May you all have a hellish day.

OGX Beauty: ooooogx


I got kindly sent in the post some blogger mail by OGX last week. It was such a lovely yet spooky surprise, because when I opened it I saw a little ghost covering some wonderful hair products. (The ghost is super cute).


I’ve been sent previously a hair set (shampoo & conditioner), from OGX, which you can read on itssophie.com’s previous posts. This time I got sent a shampoo & conditioner but a different formula! Oooooo, spooky!

Hydrate + Marula Oil: “A rare & exotic blend with Marula Oil pressed from the seed of the succulent Marula fruit”. This blend helps to smooth & moisturise my hair.


I’ve found when using these products is that they’re thicker & more “gum-like” than my other OGX products. By them being this way, it’s helped my hair even more by making my curls super soft & my thick hair feel super light!

A huge thank you once again to OGX Beauty UK for this spooky blogger mail! I highly recommend these products. Plus, look how cute the little ghost was on the packaging, i’m in love!! Ogx have truly helped my hair these past few weeks to become super soft & so much less frizzy. Ogx have looked after my wavy locks & I’m sure they can help your hair too!


Look at their products in stores such as boots or superdrug & have a look at their online website & instagram.

Instagram: ogxbeautyuk

Fright Night


Okuuuur. So i’ve been to fright night now for around 4 years in a row. I guess you could say I like being spooked out of my skin hahaha!

I’ve been before with my boyfriend & bestfriends. But this year I went with my ultimate spooky sister, Meg. She’s a babe.

We go to the Earls Barton Fright Night ever year. It’s now become a Halloween tradition. There’s usually four tents that you walk around & their huge mazes. You get scared at like every corner.

This year we decided to go just us because 1) we’re bad ass’ 2) we don’t need anybody else. We had each other to cry to hahah.

The mazes are always different. They always however have the chainsaw massacre tent. The chainsaw man is so scary & i’m not even joking. Proper scary! Chases you with a chainsaw & corners you with it. Like idek how I manage to escape sometimes. Think my speed & agility does the trick hahaha.

We even had some ladies ask if they could come with us in one of the mazes because they were really scared. I ended up holding their hands at one point hahah, spooky sisters stick together in times of need. Hope to see you all there next year!!

Spooktacular Makeup by Chloe


You’ve all heard of my cutest friend Chloe in my previous posts. She is the beauty guru!! I trust her with my makeup 100%.

I’ve modelled for her this year quite a few times & I modelled a catwalk show for her at Milton Keynes, located by John Lewis. It was super fun!

This weekend she was back from uni & wanted to do some fabulous makeup on me, and of course I was like yes yes yes please.


Chloe emphasised the Makeup on my brows & eyes. This makeup isn’t “scary” but it’s super creative & I wanted to show you all how great Chloe’s artistic skills are.

Chloe first did the pink makeup. The pink makeup contrasted my eye colour very well. She put some on the tip of my nose, cheeks, eyes, brows & around my face. This created the pinkest look of all time!! If you added a bit of blood or anything to your Halloween outfit & matched it with this makeup look, then you could be a pink cereal killer hahah! Fabulous work by Chloe.


The blue makeup was my favourite out of the two, purely because it matched my eye colour & made them proper stand out. My favourite colour is blue also.

Thank you Chloe for painting my face with such creativity & colour. I love your makeup looks every single time! Can’t wait for you to doodle on my face once again.

Check out Chloe’s Instagram: chlopack

I hope you’ve enjoyed this haunted post & have a happy Halloween my devils.

Love, Spooky Sophie / Styled by Spooky Sophie xo

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