I tried out some of the latest skincare trends – from Eco-friendly to Drugstore products

Hi angels! Welcome back to another post.

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A few days ago I went shopping and didn’t know what I really needed. I’m not one to go out and say “I’m looking for this”. I’m pretty spontaneous when it comes to fashion and beauty bits. But if I’ve liked something for a while then I’ll tend to buy it.

But this week I wanted some beauty bits. I wasn’t sure what brands or anything but I wanted to just see what was out there in normal drugstore places and see how I was feeling about them.

I figured that I should try out the latest beauty trend which is this – Face Halo.

Face Halo – The Modern Makeup Remover

I originally had heard of Face Halo through snapchat news. I saw some beauty bloggers try out the makeup remover and they equally loved it.

Face Halo is ‘the modern makeup remover’. Essentially, it’s a microfibre circular cloth and it acts as your own makeup remover. All you need is to wet the cloth and wipe your face gently.

When I first heard about this I was like whattttt, no way. But I thought I’d buy it and test it for myself and … it’s bladdy amazing.

It genuinely works !!!! I was shocked (and still am). It removes ALL of my makeup. But then again, I don’t wear foundation at all so I wouldn’t know how it would be with a full face of thick makeup.

But for me, it takes off my mascara, concealer, lipstick / gloss, blusher and highlight completely. I tested to see if it was all off using a Cotton pad and BOOM, nothing was left on the pad.

I will be using this 24/7 now and I will buy plenty more.

The idea is that you don’t use makeup wipes, so it’s better for the environment, it gets into your pores much better than normal cloths / wipes and it’s non-toxic, reusable and recyclable!

You wash the microfibre circular cloth in the washing machine, so it’s super easy. I use this with warm water. It can be used with cold water but I prefer warm!

What I will say is that because I like to keep my skin fresh and clear, I will be using toners and other skin care products with this cloth. The cloth works with water on its own, but because I enjoy my skincare routine, I will continue to add these in after I use the Face Halo.

Foamie – the Shampoo bar

I wanted to try a shampoo bar for SO LONG, as I’ve only heard positive things about them. They’re better for the environment and they last much longer.

I tried it out on my hair yesterday and it has made my hair feel so wonderful (and smells great). I was worried about it not foaming up properly, but it foams up just fine and it’s just the right amount that you need for your two hair washes (as you know, two washes and a conditioner).

My hair is very thick and curly / very wavy, so I use a LOT of product when washing my hair. So I was nervous with this because I didn’t know if it would lather up nicely but I’m happy to tell you all that it does. You just need to rub it a lot for it to lather and it works like magic.

The Fab-Pore – Soap & Glory face mask

I am a sucker for anything to do with cleansing my face – aka a face mask. I have used many masks in my lil lifetime so far and I wanted to try a new one.

I haven’t tried many things from Soap & Glory, but I’ve heard good things about them. I wanted to try this and see how it was on my skin! Okuuuur, it was fab.

My skin feels super fresh, straight after using it my skin felt tighter and softer. I located the mask around my nose area, chin, fore head & along my cheeks (the T area). I’m more prone to spots and redness around these areas.

As I don’t tend to get many spots or anything, it was mainly used to make my skin feel & look smoother and get rid of dirt build up from makeup etc. I can happily say that I will definitely be using this again as it has really made my nose area feel super clean and cleansed.

Skincare is something that I’m constantly learning and loving. I’ve learnt that I have very sensitive skin and my cheeks can get quite dry depending on the weather. So with these issues, I have to make sure that my skincare products and makeup products are good for my skin, otherwise they can cause these to flare up.

These products that I’ve tested are 100% my opinion and I love to see if any of you have new loved skincare products. I would like to try some of your favourites.

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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