My hair journey! My reasons & regrets for dying my hair

Hi angels! Welcome back to another blog post.

So today I wanted to talk about a love of mine … hair. I constantly talk about it on Instagram (thanks to those who vote on my polls, true angels).

I have always loved hair, I admire hairdressers and hair stylists because hair is SERIOUS WORK. It is hard and to learn about so so so many different hair types is a talent in itself. To then be able to cut to what every single individual person wants is tough. So I really admire hairdressers, and I also work part time in one! So I really enjoy it.

My hair journey hasn’t been drastic. I don’t actually change it up that much. To someone who doesn’t dye or touch their hair then yes I do switch it up a bit. But I haven’t done drastic colours or anything, I’d love to! But don’t think my hair could handle it.

All images shown are my own selfies and are on my Instagram and Facebook.

You will see through these images that my hair has gone from curly to wavy to frizz to all sorts. Dying my hair has affected it! But also having drastic cuts has made my curls come back! I’ll make sure to take a picture of my hair this week and show you on Fridays post!

My truest natural hair! – curly & natural waves – brunette

Hahahahahhahahaha, look at baby Sophie!!!! These were taken when I was in year 8. I look like some mouse or something hahah! But this was my natural hair. Very curly and brunette. I get natural highlights through my hair which come out much more in summer. So I hope when my dye is all out then they come back!

These next photos are a few years later (year 11). The flowers through my hair were for my prom!

My natural hair. Looking back now, I love it. But at the time I found it boring. I love love love brunette hair and always will, but I found mine a bit plain and I wanted to switch it up. So I ended up dying it the next year.

My family have super curly hair on my dads side. My older sister had suchhhhhh curly hair. Beautiful ringlets and it’s all naturallll. Then my dad has curly hair & my mother has very straight hair. So I have a mixture of the both! Ringlets at the back of my hair and then it goes wavy at the front.

Balayage – blonde

I went to the hairdressers in MK where I used to go a few years back & I got this done! I enjoyed it and found it really fun for summer. Everyone talks about “light hair for summer, dark for winter” but tbh I like both for all year around hahah. I always think an individual suits a certain colour or certain shades.

Examples are with me, I would suit the natural coloured hair tones, as my skin wouldn’t suit bright colours (I don’t think anyways). Whilst others that I know suit absolutely amazing bright colours, such as pinks and blues & they look stunning! So it all depends on your personality as well.

Dark hair – semi-permanent

After this I got bored, (shocker) and decided to get a semi-permanent dye. I’ve dyed my hair darker twice now, one was a while back and it had a warmer feel to it (I don’t have many pics of this period). But then I got it dyed like this another time.

This was soooooo much fun. I want to go this dark again (maybe), because I love how it makes my eyes pop more and I remember feeling great in myself when I had darker hair. I felt more me if that makes sense?

However, as this is a semi-permanent, it doesn’t stay for long. Around 30 washes it takes for it to fade quite a bit. But it ended up going a nice brown so I enjoyed it!

Drastic cut? GO SHAWTY

The colour ended up like this. As I got tired of the colour washing out, I wanted a change in hairstyle instead. So I cut it all off!

Short hair makes everything SO MUCH EASIER. Washing my hair? Easy. Need as much conditioner? No. Need to tie your hair up as much? No!

It’s been lovely having short hair, as I had short hair for all of 2018 – which was my goal! I wanted to see how long I could keep my hair short for and not get bored with it, so a whole year for me was a record!

Short hair is fun hair

Early 2018, I decided to get it even shorter and have a few highlights put through the ends a bit again, to brighten it up.

‘Tis was pretty positive and i had never had this short of hair before! I’d seen so many pictures of girls rocking super short hair and I was alllllll for ittttt. As I’ve said, my hair is naturally curly / wavy, so it got even shorter than this when it was freshly washed and curly. For 2018, it was great to have short hair that I had during the summer months and was a really nice change for me.

Hair change – FRINGE TIME

This below is my hair now! I decided to get a fringe cut in. I wanted to frame my face more and I believe this really worked for me.

I have a small head and small features (as I’m a pretty small person in general hahah). I didn’t want to hide my face as such, but I wanted to shape the edges and go for a different look to what I was used to.

When I was really young I had a bob with a fringe, so I kinda went back to the days of 2001, the good ol’ days.

I didn’t want a proper full fringe though, as my forehead is small (three head, ikr). So I asked my lovely boss, Aimee, for a thin fringe! I wanted just a few bits down the front to just add a bit of difference to my hair style and I really worked!

However I’m at the point now of being like “what do I do with my hair now”. I think it’s because it’s 2019 and I enjoy having a different hairstyle every year. I’m keeping the fringe for a little while longer and I’m also growing my hair out long again for summer. But having short hair was soooo much fun and I’ll probably end up cutting it short later this year.

I enjoy the growth process of hair and then drastically cutting it hahah.

My hair transformations haven’t been extremely different, but to me they have been. Even the littlest different in my appearance I’m like “that’s huuuuge” to me. But I suppose everyone will think if they change something about themselves then of course it’ll personally feel very different!

What hairstyles do you think you’ll go for in 2019?

Please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel for many more videos to come! I enjoy making videos and believe you all get to see the real me (pretty boring but can be funny at times).

YouTube channel: Sophie Henderson

Have a lovely week my angels.

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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