Kandor Cosmetics products – trying some samples out!

Hi my angels! Welcome back to another post.

You’ll probably realise that it’s a Wednesday not a Tuesday, and I tend to post every Tuesday! I had such a hectic day yesterday, starting uni at 8am (to drive there) and then getting back at 7.30pm. I was so tired and I’m not feeling 100%, so I needed last night to rejuvenate and write a much nicer post for you all!

Kandor Cosmetics are a UK beauty brand who focus on getting the right tones / shades for your makeup use.

The creator, Keira Walcott, created Kandor Cosmetics as she dealt with acne issues and vitiligo! She wanted something that would cover both or tone well together.
Keira created the formula to be hypoallergenic and soothing as well as having the full coverage effect by having added ingredients such as Vitamin E, collagen and SPF. It is also water/sweat proof once set with the powder for maximum effect. Perfect for problem skin and skin conditions.
Keira was super lovely over email and we decided to work with one another to promote her wonderful beauty products.
I wanted to work with Kandor Cosmetics because I believe brands like this who have an aim in their company really positively stand out to me and prove their identities as a cosmetic brand.
Larger brands don’t tend to focus on individual people buying their products, they focus on sales and yes that’s super good and important, but Kandor Cosmetics to me came across as a really genuine brand who focus on the people.
I tried out samples: x1 foundation, x1 mineral powder, x1 concealer.
I sent images of myself so we could find the right shades for me.
My skin before:
Skin after – wearing Kandor Cosmetics foundation, concealer & powder
Foundation: the foundation is very thick and full coverage. I don’t tend to wear foundation, like ever, but this one was happily surprising! I would go for this foundation if I needed full coverage for a night out. The foundation was a lovely texture, lot lumpy or bumpy at all on my skin. A very nice change! I have quite a yellowish / pale skin tone, so I would need to layer my foundation with lighter concealer / powders and blushes to tone it all together!
Concealer: I like it, as I prefer a liquid concealer compared to other ones & it was a very good skin match! The texture is quite oily, but that works for my skin. So I would test it out on yours if you’re not sure what your skin type is. As my skin tends to be dry, the oil is good for my skin as it doesn’t show bumps or anything. For me it smoothed it all out.
Powder: I never use a powder so it was a really nice addition to my makeup routine! The powder worked wonders on top of the concealer to calm the oils down slightly. If you put a powder on top of your concealer, just a tiny bit, then it can tone the concealer texture down.
Altogether, the products work really well! Getting the right tone for my skin was great, full coverage for nights out / full days and the concealer brightened up my under eye and the loose powder finished the whole look off nicely.
I didn’t wear mascara as I’ve been trying to not wear it as much, so I went for a more natural look with by just using these three products by Kandor Cosmetics.
I’ve only shown what these products look like on my skin, in addition to the makeup look, I would wear mascara, blush, bronzer and a nice lipgloss.
Thank you to Kandor Cosmetics for sending me some sample to try, I’ve really enjoyed using them and I hope all of you have a look at their Instagram to see what other products they have!
I’ll catch up with you all again on Friday my angels.
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Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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