What’s in my Goodie Bag from the Glamour UK beauty festival?!

Hi my beauty guru’s, welcome back to another Friday post.

It has been one hectic week. I am shattered. But most of my deadlines and projects are due for the end of March / beginning of April, so I have to work hard these next few weeks and then i’m back with plenty more content.


This is the goodie bag – I use it as my University bag as it’s way too cute not to use.

If you’ve read my most recent post (prior to this), then you’ll know I attended the Glamour UK Beauty Festival 2019 last weekend. It was AMAZE! I had a blast. My sister and I had so much fun, especially when we received a free goodie bag from Glamour.

I’ve mentioned all of the items I got gifted in the goodie bag on my Youtube Channel (vlog). So if you would like to watch that then head over to my Youtube Channel!

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Anyhow, I wanted to write a post all about the gems I got, as I love to write and share my life with you all, and trust me, this goodie bag was a once in a lifetime goodie bag. F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S.

Isle Of Paradise – Self Tanning Drops


“The more you drop, the more you Glow”. I had heard of this company before, but I hadn’t heard of their self-tanning drops. I’m very interested and looking forward to trying these out. You mix these drops with your own moisturiser, serum or oil and simply apply it to your face afterwards.

Elie Saab – Girl of Now

Elie Saab have just created their latest skincare / beauty product, which is their Girl of Now body lotion. Elie Saab brought out their newest fragrance, Girl of Now, and this is their body lotion which smells exactly the same as the fragrance. Can’t wait to try it! I’ll use this after my projects are all handed in, so I am relaxed and looking forward to it.

Batiste – Dry Shampoo, Hydrate


I’ve used Batiste products all my life. When it comes to dry shampoo, they’re my go-to brand. I’m sure this will work brilliantly, as they’re a trusting brand to use on hair. I’ve never had their hydrate dry shampoo before, so it’ll be a pleasant change!

Pixi GLOW – Glycolic Boost

At the beauty festival, you could have any beauty treatment done for absolutely free!! It was just brilliant. So, as there was a room filled with free facials, I had to try it out. Pixi beauty UK had their own isle for facials. As I finished my facial, the loveliest lady (who happily did my facial), gave me a free face mask. This face mask is a brightening mask, which will hydrate your skin as well as instantly brightening it. I need a proper pamper session soon and this will be the first product i use!!

Real Techniques – Miracle complexion sponge


This sponge looks BOMB AS F. As I don’t wear foundation (only if I go out out and thats rare lol), I would use this to blend other routines for my makeup, such as concealer or powder or maybe i’ll use it for my skincare. I’ll give it a try and see how it all works out. I’ve used ‘beauty blenders’ before when needing foundation on and they work lovely for my skin so i’m sure this will do the job!

Maui Moisture – Shea Butter Hair Mask

Hair masks are always a YES for me. Maui are a very trusting hair brand. My family use Maui so I trust it a lot. Their shampoos / conditioners are great for my hair, so this hair mask will do wonders i’m sure. Sometimes I can go a bit over-board when it comes to hair masks. I can put wayyyy too much product on and well … I end up looking super greasy when in fact my hair is super clean with a lovely hair mask on hahah! So I need to learn the balance for my hair type. Less can be more!

HUDA BEAUTY – Coral Obsessions palette

Huda Beauty are a very well known brand, as well as beauty guru (aka Queen). This palette shades are literally my life. I have blue eyes so all of these warm tones will make my eyes pop even more, so i’m very much going to use this 24/7, when I can be bothered to do my makeup that is haha! I’m lazy, don’t hate me. But this palette is truly beautiful. Pinky / neutral tones sit so well on my skin, so i’m so happy that I got gifted with this palette to try!

Molton Brown – shower gel


Another shower care product that I can use, yayyyy! Molton Brown are a wonderful company. Their scents for their products are just wow. This scent is called ‘Suede Orris’ – I shall smell all lovely n that hahaah. Gels sit better with my skin when showering, so it’ll be a heavenly product to keep to myself.

Fresh – Lotus Youthful Face Cream

Face creams are a lovely addition to my skincare bag. I separate my skincare products to my make up bits as it’s easier for me to find what I need. I actually have a whole shelf dedicated to skincare, i’m a bit obsessed. Fresh had a skincare area for facials at the beauty festival as well, but I stuck to Pixi because I haven’t used Fresh products before. So I will be going out of my save zone when trying this out. It looks lovely, great packaging and i’m looking forward to buying their products in the future.

Caudalie Paris – purifying toner


As you all know, i’m a fan of a toner. So this toner will 100% be coming in handy with my routine. You apply this morning and evening, on cleansed skin, with a cotton pad!

No7 – Pore minimalising primer

As I don’t wear foundation, primers aren’t my first use for my daily routine. But when I apply foundation or any base products, I always use a primer to set my skin first. So this will be a new addition and a new taster into primers.

Nails Inc – Polish


This colour polish is everythingggg. I’m feeling very dark at the moment when it comes to nail colours. Last month I wore very dark gels and it just went with the season perfectly. I think dark nails are great all year around if i’m honest, so this shade will POP whatever the weather.

Pixi Beauty – Retinol Tonic

I’ve got plenty of Pixi products, within this goodie bag as well as on my skincare shelf. So I know for sure that Pixi products work well for my skin. I haven’t used their retinol product, so it will be added to my list of things to try once i’m done with uni for the year haha!

Gold Collagen

I hadn’t heard of Gold Collagen before the Glamour beauty festival, so I need to look this company up more. If I use any brands products, i always look them up to see where they’re from, who their target market is and so on. I’m on point when it comes to my skin, as in i take care of what I use on it! So I need to look this product up more as it’s also a drink. You drink this and it’s meant to be good for you and your skin. I’ll let you all know my take on it asap.

Isle of Paradise – Self tanning spray

This is very similar to the product featured a the beginning, but it’s a full bottle and its a spray version. I’ve heard good things about Isle of Paradise, so i’ll end up using this when i’m feeling pale … which is now lol.

Gold Collagen – anti-ageing lip stick / volumiser

With my lips, I don’t need to make them bigger, as they’re a good fit for my face and if they were larger (on me), then it wouldn’t suit my face shape or features haha! But I like how this lippy moisturises your lips as well as anti-ages them. I’m not sure how anti-ageing products fully work, i’m not 100% sure it’s real tbh. But I love the packaging and i’ve tried this and it is a nice texture.

Schwartzkopf – LIVE – metallic spray


I’m not a lover of a glitter spray in my hair, as my hair grips to any product that goes onto it so it probably would wash out my hair for ages. But i would use this if I was going to a festival in the summer or a themed party. I’m super grateful for the gift in my goodie bag though. All products will be used 100%.

Burt’s Bee’s – tinted lipbalm / stick

The colour of this balm is too pretty!! I love the pinky tint to it. I wear this if i’m wearing any pink and want my face to pop that little bit more. Packaging is great and it feels amazing to wear on my lips. 10/10 product.

I also got in the goodie bag a lipbalm / stick from Elizabeth Arden. It’s their 8 hour lip moisturiser / stick. In the stick form it works wonders, I absolutely love it! My favourite product from the whole goodie bag.

This has been my longest post yet!!! Ever so sorry for how long it is hahaha, but I promise it was worth the read (i hope). If you’ve made it this far down the blog then thank u, next! You’re my favourites, yas!

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie x

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