Who are Urban Kissed?

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#AD Today I want to talk to you all about Urban Kissed. Urban Kissed reaches out to me a few weeks back and I’d love to share with you all how their brand works!

(All images are from Urban Kissed Website and Instagram. No images are mine).

Urban Kissed are filled with niche vendors who sell their unique and wonderful handmade goods on their inspiring website. “It is a concept fully related to story telling, emotional stimuli and brand curation.” – Urban Kissed

Urban Kissed website captures Mediterranean vibes through an online retail experience. Their products, vendors and website all reminds me of a very calm, neutral and aesthetically pleasing theme.

Urban Kissed offer such a variety of unique, up-coming, slow-fashion brands & Boutique markets, which is what 2019 is all about!

The online retail brand was founded by Sophie Emily Brunner in 2017! It’s a fairly new online experience yet it has so much to offer!!

With vast retail experience, worldwide culture knowledge and an eye for fashion, Sophie Emily has created Urban Kissed to show off vendors unique artisan & handmade goods to the world.

Their aesthetic, on Instagram & the website, is just a bit of me. Their selections from the vendors feature classy, timeless and luxurious pieces that will make your outfits POP and leave you feeling like a golden goddess.

As a young millennial, it can be challenging finding garments that will suit you without so many others wearing them. The fact Urban Kissed have handmade and boutique markets has allowed me to have another great store on my list of favourites!

From ceramics and home selections to fashion and wellness, Urban Kissed have it all.

On their Instagram, they’ve just released their giveaway of 2 x €50 gift cards! I’ve put up an Instagram story explaining what to do and the steps to get involved in the giveaway contest. Go check it out – Instagram: soph.h

For all of the terms & conditions, head over to Urban Kissed’s Instagram: urbankissed

A huge reason why I really like their store is because they focus heavily on slow fashion brands being vendors. As you all know, I try very hard to buy from slow fashion brands or to make what I buy REALLY LAST, because there’s nothing worse than seeing perfect clothing go to waste when someone has only worn it “once”.

Urban Kissed are ethically & socially conscious. Their slogan is “shop your values on Urban Kissed” and I truly feel this.

The online brand is currently stocking 17 different vendors, how fabulous!!! To name a few locations: Greece, France, USA, El Salvador, Australia, Indonesia, Colombia, Spain and Mexico – even more rare, some of these are only exclusive to Urban Kissed themselves!!

By shopping on their website, customers are supporting local and very skilled artisans and brands which focus on paying homage to local craftsmanship. This is helping the communities to create a sustainable future for themselves.

I enjoy talking about sustainability and the need to become more sustainable for our environments. Knowing online stores, such as Urban Kissed, are allowing individual brands to better themselves and be known on the online world is just fascinating and a true step forward in the right direction.

Buying from sustainable friendly brands always makes me feel like I’m doing just one small thing for people and the environment, so it allows me to feel just that little bit better about my carbon footprint.

#AD I highly recommend that you all go check out Urban Kissed’s website and Instagram. You’ll completely get what I mean when I say it’s so aesthetically pleasing !!! Even the typography / font on the website makes me happy haha!

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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