Styling in Sicily: Part Two

Hi angels! Welcome to part 2 of the longest blog post in the world. Part 1 was about my actual trip! So today’s post is all about my summer styling in Sicily, what I paired together and my overall favourite looks for my holiday.

Most of my outfit inspiration and gifted products came from fashion brand Nobody’s Child. You’ll be seeing lots of NC garments, yay! #wearenobodys

Let’s jump into it!

My main source for outfits for my Sicily holiday was by Nobody’s Child. I was a student ambassador for them since the beginning of this year. It was such a fabulous experience and I hope to work with them for an autumn / winter collection possibly, who knows! All I know is that I was LOVING NC’s dresses for styling in Sicily.

  • Dress: Nobody’s Child
  • Top: Zara
  • Sunglasses: vintage shop in Hull

This was my favourite outfit of the week!!! I styled my vintage pieces with some recent collections.

    Belt: vintage
    Flared trousers: Topshop
    Bag: vintage radley
    Top: TKMaxx
    Hair Scarf: vintage stall

I wore this on one of my last nights in Sicily. I wanted to grab my tan wearing dresses and skirts, then once I’d gotten my tan then wear trousers for that evening. The white contrasted my skin tone / tan. Then the added accessories such as the silver chain belt, the vintage bag and hair scarf just topped off what was needed to make the outfit interesting and different.

All Nobody’s Child outfits have been gifted. I love each and every one of them. I had so much fun styling them up on holiday and I found what accessories suited them well, such as added belts or hair pieces.

  • Dress: Nobody’s Child
  • Belt: Gucci
  • Sandals: Noa Noa

I found when wearing this that even in the heat of Italy / Sicily, I didn’t get hot at all!!! The dress was so flowy, light and comfy that I had no issues with ‘stickiness’ or anything. It’s been great to wear these garments in Sicily because it allowed me to wear them in genuine nice weather. It’s sooo hard to take nice photographs and styling pictures with England weather hahaha.

Floral patterns are the key to my heart. This Nobody’s Child ditsy floral print midi dress is a great colour and makes me feel super summery and happy.

  • White dress: Zara
  • Platform heels: Vagabond
  • Bag: vintage radley

This dress really came through for me. The middle bit of the dress is what made me really want it. The rouged embellishment was so different from my other dresses that I had to get it. You know that feeling when you’re in the changing room and you’re just completely feeling amazing about this outfit?? That’s exactly how I felt hahah!! If you try on an outfit that makes you feel amaze then definitely get it.

Throughout the day, I wanted to keep cool due to the heat, yet I still wanted to get a tan like everyone, get my issue? So as per, I went for simple street style with some vintage Levi’s shorts, new balance trainers and a plain top.

  • Top: Zara
  • Shorts: Vintage Levi’s
  • Trainers: New Balance

This dress has been so useful. It’s a dress that I can 1) easily get on 2) is incredibly comfy 3) can be worn casual or dressed up 4) is floral so I obvs like it hahah.

  • Dress: NewLook

This little number was actually my first outfit of being in Sicily (all cheer Sophie, hip hip…). I’ve been loving the colour red recently, not sure whether it’s because I think it suits my new hair colour or whether I’m a changed woman who likes wearing red?? I don’t know, someone help me.

These have been my most favourite outfits and summer styling in Sicily choices. Thank you to Nobody’s Child for the collab / gifted products. I’ve loooved trying them and matching them with other pieces.

If you’d like to read about my holiday then check out part one of this blog post.

I’ve also uploaded and created my latest YouTube video on my channel: Sophie Henderson – so go and check it out!! Summer in Sicily.

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Love, Sophie Eleanor xo

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