Summer ‘19 Beauty Guru’s that inspire me!

Hi angels! Welcome back to another post.

I’ve recently been super interested in makeup and beauty looks. I’m not an mua whatsoever, but I’m very interested in makeup and want to practise way more. I always do my friends makeup if we go out for an evening or whatnot, so in that sense, I’m quite artistic as a person so I believe I could pick it up if I practise a hella lot.

Anyhow, it’s not what I want to do in my life but I wanna get super creative with it. I’ve seen sooo many amaze beauty looks and styles for events, fashion shows and even just through Instagram. Lots of people practise and are incredibly talented at what they do!

My friend Chloe, is fabulous at makeup and is such a talented girly. She’s currently studying at uni with it! I’ve modelled for her before in a catwalk and through assessments. I’m actually going to model for her again in a couple weeks time in Birmingham so that’ll be exciting!

But for now, I can just admire all the talented people’s looks and makeup styles. I shall post my favourite ones below that I’ve seen through Instagram and other socials.

Rainbows on Skin

I honestly think these looks are iconic. The brightness, colourful tones and Pantone shades that are included in these two looks just make for a bold and beautiful summer ’19.

The second photo is myself (hi) by the amazing Chloe herself. Go check out her Instagram profile for more inspiration.

Bright tones are always eye catching and intriguing. For whatever occasion or season, bright colours will forever be in trend.

Bold Blues and sun kissed Oranges.

For the summer season, blues and oranges are always in colour palettes. Together, they match so well. I believe in the colour palettes / colour wheel, opposites attract & match. So, blue is opposite orange, which allows them to go so nicely together.

I find that blue eyes or clothing pieces match orange tones. Warmth against a bit of coolness allows the blue shades to pop! – such as eye colour. When I wear orange or include orange in my style / makeup, I instantly notice my eye colour popping out more.

Natural Nudes

As you all know, I always keep my makeup natural, by using glossy textures and a bit of highlight to finish the look. But with these looks, there’s a hella lot of makeup involved (obvs) – such as foundation and all sorts. But look how truly natural and glory the makeup is! It’s a talent to be able to create the looks because it’s hard to put makeup on someone but make them insanely natural!

Pearls on Pearls on Pearls

I’ve seen this trend come to life in 2019 and it’s carrying on until the summer months, yay! Stick on pearls have been used in trends over the years, but for summer ’19, people are including them in eye looks. My favourite is the eye liner looks such as this. It’s so simplistic yet extra, and that’s what makes it iconic A F.

I love way too many makeup trends this year, so I could legit speak about this forever. But these are so far my favourite trends and looks for this summer ’19. It can be tricky to find trends that you genuinely like. I always find myself searching the web to see if I can pull any of these looks off or even if I can actually do them myself hahaha.

I loooove to play with makeup looks on other people, I just never seem to do it on myself. I need a new colourful palette I think, a bit of a push and some confidence to be able to try it out.

However, it’s weirdly hot in the UK right now, and I don’t feel like putting lots of makeup on my face. So I shall wait until I go out for an evening or if I have any spare time to attempt to paint my face with some lovely new palettes. Maybe I’ll always stick to the natural look, who knows! But I enjoy a challenge and I enjoy looking at everyone else’s wonderful styles and makeup looks, so I can appreciate from afar if my looks go wrong hahah!

This is today’s look, me by me haha! I’m wearing no makeup whatsoever, like not even concealer like idk what’s wrong with me. I always wear concealer! But it’s that hot today that I wanted to fully get the sun on my skin and just heal it and nurture it. I’m a sun lover and my skin constantly needs the sun. So whenever I get the chance in the UK to have a bit of sun kissed skin, then I shall be in it.

But even though I wear natural looks / no makeup, I appreciate and look up to beautygurus and make up artists, because they’re so talented. They paint faces with such precise and passion. I’m in awe of all of these makeup trends that I’ve shown you today.

Instagram: soph.h

YouTube channel: Sophie Henderson

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo

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