Footwear Friday

I, like many people in the world, enjoy shoes. Footwear can make or break an outfit – lemme tell ya.

I’ve recently been loving trainers. I’ve always worn trainers, loved them, breathed them, adored them, cleaned them, worn them, you get my vibe. Well, currently I can’t decide nor afford another pair (cries real tears).

However, that will never stop me from searching for trainers!! Oh no oh no oh NO! I find myself on Pinterest without even realising it just seemingly searching the web for cute trainer looks and I’ll be showing you the trainer outfits that I’ve been admiring whilst sharing some other wonderful footwear pieces.

(All photos are from Pinterest – I haven’t been creative and I suck at taking some cool ass photos so enjoy other people’s creativeness yay).

Colourful Chunky Trainers

As SOON as I get some money again, I shall be buying some colourful chunky trainers, or just some colourful trainers because they’re honestly so much fun. I enjoy playing around with colours in my outfits and style, so it’s good to switch it all up a bit and find some colour again.

It’s super easy to buy plain coloured shoes. I get it, they go with everything and it’s super important to get those nudes / plain tones. But on the other hand, if you want to play about with your trainers, go a bit outside your comfort zone and pick your favourite colours to go into some trainers. You never know, you may not go back to plain trainers!!

Whites & Pops of Colour

I have a different kind of love for white trainers. The Chanel ones are super different and edgy, which makes me like them even more. I’ve never been a fan of that whole ‘transparent’ heels or trainers look or anything, but somehow Chanel have managed to have an equal transparent / Opaque balance. I mean, I have literally no £££ to afford them right now, but I hope to see them on my trainer bucket list someday.

Mules / Loafers

Loafers / Mules are such iconic shoes. It’s a staple item that everyone should have in their wardrobes. Men & women both can wear these and they make someone look so much more sophisticated and smart. But the great thing about them is that you can simply turn them into casual wear just by your style that day. Feeling a bit o a casual street style look? Loafers would look amazing. A day trip out? Loafers. Wanting to dress up for an occasion? Loafers!

I’ve been enjoying colour and textures this year. I believe that we all understand colour as we get older and realise how colour really does impact clothing. If something one year isn’t the right Pantone or shade for that season, then it will end up in sales. But when a colour / Pantone is just spot on, everyone seems to rush to buy it without even realising.

With mules or loafers, I’ve been looking into patterns and materials much more. I own around three or four pairs of loafers and I only have one pair which are silver & smooth – which I guess out of the bunch they’re the most ‘out there’ pair that I own currently. So I’m going to delve into the world of patterned / textured loafers in the near future as I think they’re such a statement piece to an outfit.

Boots / Dr Martens

No one will ever stop my love for Dr Martens. I can say this from the bottom of my heart, they are a brand that I’ve ADORED since I can remember. Ive owned quite a few dr marten boots over the years, from fancy florals to the originals. Depending on the softness of the leather / material, they can rub a bit and take a while to be worn in properly. But once you’ve worn them in, you’ll never stop wearing them.

The Dr Marten boots honestly go with nearly every style. It’s perceived that you can only wear them if you’re some sort of punk rocker or a very ‘edgy’ person, but that’s not the only people who wear them! They’ve become an iconic British brand that is known to pretty much everyone.

I actually live near one of the Dr Marten shoe factories and the patterns and colours that the brand make in their designs is so unique and legendary that I’d be happy to buy nearly every single pair of Dr Martens in the factory hahah!

Kitten Heels

I’m happy to announce that kitten heels are here to stay! (In my books anyways). I’m glad fashion brands are designing heels in such funky and fresh new ways, because it excites people and makes people who don’t necessarily enjoy wearing high heels, have a choice with shorter heels!

The shapes of the kitten heels are starting to develop in designs which is nice to see. At the moment, with heels like these I enjoy them quite plain in terms of colour (for now) – but I like an embellishment, such as the pearls included in that shot. With myself, heels make me feel powerful and it just expresses my personality quite well which I think many women around the world feel the same as me. Heels don’t give women power, they just enhance our glorious selves even more!! Power to US!

I’ll be posting more Footwear Friday posts so stay tuned.

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Love, Sophie Eleanor xo

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  1. Kitten heels are my favorite! They give such a classic look but so much more comfy than regular heels. Need to go order 10 pairs now lol

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