Decluttering Clothes! Clear Space = Clear Mind

Hi angels! Welcome back to another post. I took Tuesday as a break day, so I’m back (hallelujah).

I was slumped out in my room the other day. Completely down and just BORED. My boyfriend is on holiday and my friends are either on hols or are busy 24/7 (I need more friends). So I basically spent Tuesday just feeling glum and overall, pretty crappy.

I decided to do something about it. I clear out my clothes on a regular basis really – once every few months! But it’s never been an ‘extreme’ clear out session. I said to myself “do I actually wear all of these clothes?” NO!

So why keep them? Why keep all of these unnecessary items in your wardrobes that you’ll never wear nor probably see – I lose items left right and centre – so I was in shock when I found some pieces that I thought had been eaten by the hidden house thief.

I decided enough was enough. I found an ‘oomph’ in me that I didn’t think was there on Tuesday and I got up & got started.

I have also made a YouTube video of my decluttering journey – so that shall be up this week on my channel.

I started off with my wardrobe. It’s a pretty large wardrobe in terms of space for bags, jumpers, coats, dresses & shoes. Lots of items go into my wardrobe. It was SO MESSY. Incredibly gross, just a huge pile of sadness.

It was in desperate need of some TLC. I started off with all of my jumpers, moved onto the shoes and then bags.

I had a great routine that I shall share with you all today. If you’re needing a clear out session of all your clothes – then try these steps because it worked for me.

1) Start off with an aim. Is your aim to sell items? Boot sale? Is it to give to charity? Is it to just get rid of clothes that you will never wear again and have no purpose in your life anymore? Or a mixture of all?

2) Once you’ve found your aim – have sections on your floor (or in your room) of where these items will go. One place for charity items, another to sell, etc.

3) do draw by draw. Don’t overwhelm yourself with all of your clothes all at once. It makes it easier and lets you have mini breaks in between each section.

4) be wary to not throw literally everything out – you still need clothes hahaha. But if they’re old & good condition – give to charity or sell.

5) bin bags / decomposable bags will help you MASS AMOUNTS – it’ll section out each part and you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something when you see the bags in the hallway just stacking up – ahhhh, the relief of a clear & clean wardrobe.

6) Sentimental items – this was a bit tricky for me. I have kept my jumpers from school that people wrote on and some old t-shirts that I bought from holidays which is fine! Good memories are nice memories to have with clothes. But if you’re keeping the item just for the sake of it – THROW it awayyyy.

7) My thought process: if an item doesn’t make you happy, why keep it? With each piece of clothing I saw in my wardrobe & draws – I thought to myself ‘is this item making me happy? Do I feel good wearing it? Is it still, me?’ If not – get riddddd of it! Only keep clothes that make you feel good. If they make you feel lousy, crap and slump – throw it.

I feel amazing now that I’ve cleared out my clothing spaces. I feel like I can get new additions to my personality now ie different colours for my wardrobe etc. I hate piling up my room to the point that I feel bad for buying more clothes because I knew that I had way too many that I just didn’t wear.

On a more deeper level, when my room is messy, it generally means my mind is messy. I can get very easily overwhelmed and I don’t tell anyone to be honest. It’s a personal thing that I deal with and I should speak out more. But on the outside, people could deem me as ‘lazy’ or whatnot. But in reality, I usually clean my room / clothing spaces. But when they’re everywhere, it has a deeper meaning and this relates to so many people.

If you have a friend or family member that has a very messy room or personal space – just help them out. Or ask them if they’re ok without belittling them. It could really help them out mentally & physically. Be conscious of what others go through – just because you can’t see a problem, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

But I feel much better mentally now I’ve cleaned my wardrobe / clothes out. I feel good that I’m going to charity and hopefully I may get some £££ from the more expensive pieces from the boot sale.

I’m looking forward to doing a boot sale actually – I enjoy getting up in a morning. I’m an early bird! So I’ll be bright and early one Sunday morning soon to do this boot sale. Wish me luck!

Decide whether you need a clear out. Remember: a clear space is a clear mind.

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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