Street Style Struggles

hi everyone – welcome back to another post.

As you all know, I’m a HUGE lover of street style. I don’t think there is a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way as such to street style, but I do think there’s certain paths that you just don’t damn go down on ok when it comes to street style. There, I said it.

(I’ll be inserting photos of my outfits & selfies just as an update on my style – they don’t relate to the post).

This is not a post that is super negative, as I want all of my website / posts to be positive and informative (or that I give my opinion a lot about style hahaha, and I oop..). My website is my full honest opinions, so here I go.

It’s not that styles are ‘wrong’ – because anyone can wear anything they like! If it’s your style then go for it, but for me there’s certain things that you just don’t pair together for ‘street’ style looks.

A few examples:

  • Heels & Joggers

I just think that heels go so well with more styling garments. I’m not against joggers, gosh they’re an amazing fashion invention. But joggers don’t go with heels? I get the comfort of joggers, but why attempt to be ‘comfy’ down below when you’re wearing heels to match them? Just doesn’t make fashion sense.

  • Bras (that show straps) with strapless tops / tank tops

This. Has. Got. To. End.

I’m a firm BELIEVER in pretty bras & bralettes. However, they can only go with certain shirts. They just don’t suit when they’re with certain tops, such as tank tops / strapless tops. This is why strapless was invented – for this purpose in fashion. I love a lace bralette and I love them worn on their own or with a lovely open shirt, tucked into a great pair of jeans. But why buy a beautiful bralette if you’re gonna just put it under a tank top? That’s a no in my books.

  • Cycling shorts & heels

Again, with the whole heels & joggers thing, cycling shorts are exactly the same to me. I’m surprised cycling shorts have lasted this long in season to be honest. I get the use out of them, I bet they’re super comfy and easy to do day by day in. But wearing them with heels? The logic? Comfy down below but then pairing it with some heels? Not for me I’m afraid. Some people can pull off the look, don’t get me wrong. But I think if you’re gonna wear cycling shorts, just keep them away from heels. Stick to the trainer street style looks.

  • Jeans that are TOO slit on your bum area – but are still ‘jeans’

For street style, I understand he jeans aspect and the cutting them yourself, but in other areas. I don’t get the fashion of having it literally on your butt line. I think just underneath MIGHT be cool for street style, as normal shorts length. But literally showing your butt in the jeans or shorts is a no from moi.

I’m all for showing your body, don’t get me wrong, I looove our bodies! But I think there’s certain outfits and ways to show your skin instead of doing it through a pair of jeans. I think slinky silk dresses are amazing to show off your curves or skin. I also think they’re great braless, as it’s the perfect material!

I’m picky in fashion, as you can tell. By me saying all of this, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear what you like! Go for it! But this is my opinion on people’s ideas of street style in 2019. There’s certain times and places to wear certain pieces, you can’t just call everything ‘street style’ when it’s actual purpose isn’t for that.

I think our generation has lost a bit of its fashion creativity streak. We’ve got lost through celebrities wearing what they like from where they like, then fast fashion brands mimicking those ideas for everyone else to wear – which again is okay. It’s just not individual fashion. It’s what everyone is going to be wearing because Kim k is wearing it. (Love u Kim, ur iconic).

I prefer street style when someone has truly made it their own. The creativity that’s in fashion can be soooo vast if people tried! Style is never perfect. There is no such thing as perfect. Style is individual to that person. If you prefer wearing the norm of society then that’s great for you! But my idea of cool street style that truly inspires me is those people who go out of the social norms and step out of their comfort zone & be different with their street style to make it THEM & make it ICONIC!

You don’t have to wear sequins or be super multicoloured to have your style noticed! You can wear simple neutrals and still look amazing. It’s the pairing of tones, shades, colours, style and clothing itself thats interesting.

However, I could go on forever talking about my opinion on clothes, as it’s my passion. (Passion 4 Fashion lol). But what TRULY matters how YOU feel in your clothes. If you feel amazing then wear it! No ones stopping you. This is just my opinion on certain ‘street style’ looks that just aren’t particularly my scene.

What would you say the ‘perfect’ street style would be? Jeans? Trainers? Dresses?

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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