Fashion Student: 3rd /Final Year

Well time has completely flown by. So much has happened in these three years that it’s blown my mind. From brand collabs & modelling to being in my final year of uni and aiming for a good degree.

I never thought my lil blog would be such a large part of my life & it’s become literally something I think about every single day. It’s part of me. Once finishing uni, I hope to carry this on 100% and see where I end up with it. But for now, I shall be concentrating on my final year of studying fashion promotion & Communication, then will head off into the big wide world (scary I know).

I’m not going to worry about ‘where I end up’ in terms of job after my degree. I’m happy with my blogging work, working with brands and building up my Instagram, YouTube channel and website. But I do hope to see where I could end up in the fashion industry, where a job role could possibly lead.

It’s great because my degree can lead down lots of paths in the industry of fashion, which is helpful as I don’t have to just go down one route with my degree, I could try out lots of things.

As it’s my third and final year, I’ll be doing a hella lot of work, to say the least. My course is heavily based around coursework & studio work / projects – this allows me to go down my own route in terms of writing styles, how I present my work and what I actually talk about in my essays and projects, ie themes.

Throughout uni, I’ve completed projects based in vintage stores, in wooded areas (wildlife), about second hand fashion & also blogging. So I definitely wish to keep these themes up as they’re my major interests. I think it’s so important, especially in uni, that you somehow include your interests within your work, as it makes your work unique and special.

I use my interests throughout my projects and studio work because it definitely makes me much more interested. As my projects literally take months to complete, I have to base them around something that I like, as I would get bored in a heart beat, not even joking.

I know my modules for third year, but I don’t know what tasks I’ll have to complete and when for. But so far they’ve been quite interesting. We usually do one major project (in the styling module) and we get to work with brands. So in my first year we worked with Benefit Cosmetics, then in second year we worked with Harvey Nichols, so I’m presuming we may be working with a different brand for our final year – which is interesting in itself!

Where do I see myself during my third year?

Well. I’ll be hella stressed hahah. But I’m going to try and stay very positive and open minded for my final year. I think it’s important to allow yourself time to chill out, but still keep on top of all your work, especially fashion projects.

Will I miss being a fashion student?

I’ll miss aspects of it. It has been such a different journey and I’m very thankful that I’ve followed this path. I have lots of interests, but this one gives me a greater chance of having a possible job in this career. So wish me luck aye!

What paths can I go down with this degree?

As ‘Fashion Promotion & Communication’ is heavily based on the styling, digital and communication side of fashion, it means I could go down many paths. It’s a very new course in terms of the fashion world, as it includes social media! So I could go down most fashion paths, ie magazine, behind-the-scenes, stores, retail, head offices, own business, social media etc. There’s a vast amount as it’s a relatively new course which the fashion industry need. But you can go down any path you wish to, don’t let your degree define you! If you want to change then do it.

Back in the day people couldn’t really have multiple job roles, but now we can change roles and go down completely different career paths. So it’s super interesting!

Everyone has different uni experiences, so don’t worry about that. Focus on you and only YOU in terms of getting your degree. You’ll smash it.

As for me, well I’m planning on finishing third year with a grade that I really want. If you don’t get the highest grades, it’s fine. Not everyone does and to be honest, brands and jobs only wanna know if you’re dedicated enough for that particular role. So just finish uni how you want to with the grade you want. You’ll get there! If not, it’s not the end of the world. Life’s a journey!

Being a fashion student has been interesting, in terms of my learning, I’ve learnt so much with studios, camera work and CAD work. But in terms of putting all that to the test, I’ve taught myself! I’ve taught myself how to work with brands, how to get collaborations, how to make & grow my website, how to keep organised with posts, how to get my Instagram out there, how to find my self and what I want to achieve. I’ve done all of this outside of uni! So if uni isn’t your thing, not to worry! You’ll find what is your thing with time and patience.

If you want something bad enough, you’ll get there.

I’m heading into my final year with my head held high and planning on getting what I want! I’ve worked hard for 2 years so I shall carry on with my third.

Hope work, uni and college is going well for everyone! Let’s go into 2020 with positivity and happiness for the future.

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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