Points of Pinterest – A/W19 inspiration

Hi angels! Welcome back once again – you lucky people. ‘Points of P-interest’ get it? … (I tried).

Pinterest is a great social media platform for searching for absolutely anything & everything. I’m sure 99.9% of the population search for fashion, style, nails, clothes, places to go, eat, for ‘food porn’, etc – just about anything is on Pinterest & for good reason!

Pinterest is a social which honestly inspires me, if we’re being honest here. I really enjoy using it. From style inspo to mental health quotes to start off my day right, it benefits me in a positive way. It’s not a platform which people spread ‘hate’ on, it’s purely to get inspiration and to find some good ideas for your next big birthday bash.

Talking fashion however, I want to show you my latest fashion inspo from Pinterest. I find a hella lot of style icons on this site lemme tell ya. It’s a great way to style yourself differently if you’re getting a bit bored of styling the same shirt the same way. You can switch it up sometimes with a little help from some inspo.

All photos / images included in this post are NOT my own. They’re collected via Pinterest & are saved on my Fashion Pinterest Board.

Only the photos of myself are owned / taken by me.

Hair Inspiration

I’ve alwayssss put hair ties in my hair, whether it’s up or down. I’m definitely an original when it comes to this hair style. I tend to always get vintage scarves and then just use them in my hair (lil sophie secret).

But if I genuinely love the colours of the hair tie, I may purchase one from a normal store. But I’d have to LOVE the colours to do this. I just enjoy vintage items so much, so when I wear them in my hair etc it just feels so much more like me. I feel myself! (Wearing my vintage scarf & Burberry in this photo).

I’d say this fashion has always been around. It’s one of those accessories that just doesn’t fade away. In some worldwide cultures, they use scarves in such beautiful ways and have them in stunning colours, textures and patterns. I’d love to get some vintage / pretty scarves from all over the world. Maybe get a collection going who knows!

Jeans Inspiration

So I’m pretty sure everyone has a good pair of jeans in their wardrobes, which you were all year round. But do you have jeans that are those stylish pair that you feel soooo good in. You feel on top of the world and they make you feel so good about yourself? As you’re all beautiful people anyways! But do your jeans make you feel brilliant? I have a pair of jeans from Levi’s which are my all time FAVOURITE of mine.

The way my jeans fit is just the way I like them. They’re flared at the bottom, length wise not too long nor short (for everyday wear), they’re a dark shade of blue, they’re high waisted and are just so damn comfy.

Especially in these upcoming colder months, wear clothes that you feel warm & comfortable in. Sometimes jeans can take a while to wear in, but once you’ve got your pair, you’ll know about it. I’ll be buying these specific jeans from Levi’s forever more.

The jeans in the photos are my style inspo from Summer – Autumn. I’m loving longer trousers / jeans at the moment, even though I’m a petite person (5″2 to be exact) – I still love wearing long trousers. Just because I’m small doesn’t mean I have to miss out on longer items, I just wear them anyways! But having some style inspo from Pinterest accounts & Instagram allows me to feel more confident about wearing maybe tighter or longer trousers.

Patterned trousers are a deffo for Autumn as well. The colours of these are just a fabulous statement piece to have in your wardrobes. The length is perfect also! I don’t tend to wear super tight jeans & I legit haven’t worn ‘skinny jeans’ in a year I swear. I’m more of a baggy jean kinda gal.

Jumper / Cardigan Inspiration

You’ll never go wrong with a simple jumper & jean combo. I tend to fall to the more colourful knit jumpers in the cooler months, but if you’re more of a simplistic look kinda person then everywhere will have jumpers for you.

I tend to shop in vintage stores in Hull or Northampton for my vintage goodies, such as jumpers or nice old school American sweats. The cost of vintage jumpers do vary in prices, but mostly they’re affordable – depending on the make & wear of the item. I quite like a worn in jumper, as it means the wash / colours don’t run when washing as much (depending on material ofc).

These photos are definitely my style inspo for Autumn – Winter. I love a good balloon sleeve on any jumpers & tops. But with jumpers, it gives it that bit of ‘edge’ and difference compared to all other jumpers. Sleeves do MATTER!

As I’ve said, colour is important to me when buying jumpers, whether it’s neutral or super bright shades. Finding your balance in your wardrobe is good for these months, especially in the U.K. as we are in winter longer than we’re in summer I swear. So warmer clothes & layers are great and important to us Brits, as we get hella cold.

Colour Inspiration

When it comes to colour for these upcoming months, my inspiration via socials is very dependant on the 1) weather ofc 2) the garment itself.

With tops, I enjoy going bright with pinks and reds, because it allows me to pair it with something a little darker or deeper shade, in contrast to the bright. But then I enjoy being SUPER BRIGHT and pairing pink on pink on pink. Pink top, pink check trousers, pink hair tie. Again, depends on my mood & weather situation in England.

But as I search through Pinterest, my style definitely relates to the majority I pick out and like on Pinterest anyways. I have my own little style myself, but on those days when I’m feeling not motivated or just a bit glum, I enjoy finding a cool outfit / fit on Pinterest & just playing about with my style that day.

Theres nothing wrong with playing about with colours, tones, shades, fits, clothes, shoes, accessories, textures etc until you find the things you enjoy wearing & they envision your personality throughout.

In addition, belts are important to an outfit as well. As shown in these photos, the belts are picked to go with the garments, colour wise & style wise. Maybe get a few A/W belts to go with some jeans, trousers, long skirts, dresses, jumper dresses etc for the colder months.

What’s your A/W19 outfit inspiration?

Instagram: soph.h

YouTube Channel: Sophie Henderson

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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