A Catch Up On My Fashion Styling Of 2019

Thought I would dedicate this post to my own personal favourite looks for this year. Sometimes we all forget the looks we’ve already done, achieved and accomplished, but do you ever re-wear styles?

I always re-wear my looks. Whether it’s simplistic vibes or the whole Sha-Bang.

Clothes are here for you to 1) be warm 2) show your personality. Styles change season to season, but your personality is always with you. Lemme tell ya, personality changes too as you grow up and experience new things. I used to wear some HORRIFIC pieces of clothing. I look back to myself sometimes and think “why did I wear that?” – but so does everyone. But remember, that was the style for you back in 2012.

I’ll be showing you some of my favourite looks (by yours truly) of 2019. It’s been quite a funny year in terms of fashion, nothing has (yet) really taken off? I think this winter there will definitely be more coat styles, such as patterns and possibly some colourful coats! I do love a bright & vibrant long coat for the cold months.

End of Winter, Beginning of Spring

I’m a person who definitely over-heats in winter – yes, I said winter. If it’s super cold outside, of course I wrap up warm. Layers upon layers to try keep some sort of heat inside my little 5’3 body. But what I forget is that places, ie uni, tends to keep heating on. So, turtle necks make me HOTTT. I overheat and feel the need to get air 24/7.

However, to combat this, I’m careful with my layering and choice of garments to pair together. For the cooler months, if I know that it’s legit gonna rain all day and the weather will be ‘pants’, I go for a turtle neck approach, some straight trousers and a thick coat. I don’t wear scarves so I don’t have that issue with warmth there, but if I do wear a turtle neck or a high necked top, I do suggest keeping your hair up or out of the way – only if you get from 0-100 heatwise like myself.

In the winter, a jumpsuit neverrr goes wrong. I enjoyed this look because my belt pinched my waist in, whilst still giving me a baggy look for the jumpsuit. This one is on the darker side of colours, but the pattern allows it to stand out and be a statement piece. I would’ve paired this with a thin lined coat or jacket – possibly a trench coat to still give off the sophisticated look.

I tend to actually wear dresses more in winter, strange I know. But I enjoy a cute pinafore or skirt & turtle neck combo.

I was living for this look back in February. It’s just super simple, in terms of layering, whilst still giving off an ‘I’m still in winter’ vibe. Turtle neck jumpers & tops are really great to have in your winter wardrobes. You can pair them soooo well, with jeans, trousers & skirts.

I’m not a major fan of tights. Depending on the style you’re going for & colour scheme, then think about your tights of choice. I don’t mind some thinner tights, as shown. Or those Gucci tights that I’ve been seeing recently, oooo they’re some cute tights. Anyhow, I definitely can not afford them so I will have to do with these bad boys.

I’ve paired this style with an oversized faux fur coat from John Lewis / Warehouse. The colour of the coat is just me to a T.

Colours are super important in winter as you don’t particularly wanna wear black & white every single day, because if you have what I have, the weather affects my mood sooo much. So if you’re constantly wearing darker or more plain colours, you might feel a bit ‘samey’ for a long period of time. I’d try reaching out for some other shades, such as this coat colour! I truly believe this is a colour that definitely goes with a lot & if you’re on a budget (like moi) – head over to charity shops or second hand shops / vintage. These stores have such bargains and some truly great quality items that would be perfect for winter.

How could we ever forget this number?? I was honestly feeling so amazing this day. We went to the museum and honestly had a wicked time! I felt super myself and went all out with a defining pink to show off this babe of an outfit. Jumpsuits don’t just have to be one colour of course, but for me this highlighted my feelings and made me super cheery and bright, which is always positive.

PINK. PINK. PINK. I find this to be a good shade / Pantone as well, as it’s not OTT hot pink, but then it’s definitely noticeable haha!

I tend to pair this jumpsuit with some chunky trainers, either NewBalance, AirForce 1’s or Vans. Then a knit cardigan. As this was an outfit I wore in a cooler point of Spring, I still needed a bit of warmth on top. The lil bag was sustainably made & I’ve previously spoken about it on a post.

Moving onto beginning of Summer 2019 now, I was definitely getting some sun on my skin this year. Combining lace with florals was a good point of my seasonal style. It was chilly / windy enough for me to wear a longer sleeved item, but then warm enough to not need a jacket layered on top.

This skirt has done me a great deal of good these past 2 years. It’s the perfect skirt to match with literally anything. I’ve created some comfier & more casual look with it, whilst other days / seasons I’ve created a boho feel to the outfit.

How could I leave out my number 1 outfit of the year??? In Manchester, it was chucking it down most of the city break. But the one day it didn’t, we went to an art gallery / museum & I decided to wear my favourite blazer. It’s the statement piece of all time – creating sooo many different looks, it’s honestly been one of my best purchases to date.

I prefer to style blazers more ‘dressy’ – I’m in no way shape or form a fan of a blazer with joggers…just no. I still don’t understand why it’s a trend but hay ho!

Thought I would thrown in a brighter piece to this style post! Feeling mellow in yellow. This Missguided dress is a keeper for summer parties / days out.

Mini dresses have made 2019 a good year. All in all, fashion houses have designed some wonderful mini dresses this year – whoever is doing the visual research…you’re doing great honey.

My style for this year wouldn’t be complete without including some of my holiday fits. I found my true love for puffed / balloon sleeves this year. Finding the perfect crop top is tricky, but just rummage in TKMaxx & you’ll find some bargains (ie this).

Pop some red lippy on, match it with a vintage bag, paired with some tight trousers, plain sandals & a vintage hair scarf & you’re good to go. This was my favourite look whilst I was in Sicily. I felt well and truly glowy! (The pasta helped me feel brilliant, Carbonara is perfection in Sicily / Italy).

Venturing into the world of hair clips, I found myself enjoying them. As my fringe is growing out (I’m not sure whether to keep growing it or not btw), my hair is annoying my eyes, so I took a trip to Accessorize & found these beauties.

I do find some clips to just not be for me, but these pops of colour do add some difference to a look.

The oversized shirts were a great style when coming to the end of summer. It’s easy to just thrown one on, pair it with some Levi’s shorts, trainers & go on with your day.

I also don’t think I’ve took this tote bag off since I got it. It’s from Pull & Bear, in which it was in the sale for £3. Tote bags are all fun & games until you cannot find a single thing inside the bad, WHEN U NEED IT MOST. I find myself looking like Mary Poppin’s when trying to find my car keys.

Anyhow, if you have reached this far then congratulations & I grant you the gift of being an itssophie.com fan. You’re the real MVP’s.

How has your style changed this year? Do you have any favourite looks for yourselves? I’m additions which look of mine is your fav? Comment below angels!

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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  1. omgggg love all these looks! my fav is the winter styles because i’m partial to sweaters haha. i love how you layer everything so nicely! i’m the opposite though and always get super cold no matter how much heat there is so i end up looking like a snowman everyday lmao

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