Burberry noticed me?

It’s crazy to think that we all share photos, videos and posts with our followers via social media. It’s such a huge area that is so occupied by media pages, ie Instagram, Twitter & TikTok (for videos). I’ve recently been posting a lot more outfit photos, it’s handy when my boyfriend or family can take the photos for me (thank you, I cherish you all).

Otherwise it’s sooo hard to get photos of your outfits, looks and styles for that event or day. People who don’t blog or focus heavily on their social media don’t tend to realise the amount of time and energy that photos genuinely take. It’s a side of social media that people don’t see. They don’t see the background / behind-the-scenes of certain events or photos or videos. I’d be interested in doing some BTS shoots & showing you all of them!

Anyhow, my year has been, to say the least, overwhelming. Trying to grow your blog, YouTube channel and socials is a lot of work & time management is key.

As a university fashion student, funding the time to create online content whilst doing fashion work is tricky, but I find peace when creating content for you all, so it’s my time to sit back & engage with readers on Instagram & here. Being a fashion student allows me to find creativity within and also outside of uni, so it does have its perks.

As I’ve been focusing more on styling my outfits and actually posting them (usually I forget oops), I have been tagging and using hashtags in my photos. By tagging and creating hashtags and including brands, it means they can see the photos you take & post and they could possibly engage with you .. wait for it people!!!

So, me being lil ol’ me, I went out to my local town and took outfit photos and made a whole day of it. My boyfriend really helped me as I wanted a certain look for the photos, which includes whole body images, up-close shots etc. My certain photo style is quite candid. I enjoy candid photos on Instagram / blogs more than extremely posed ones. It’s more my taste, so depending on yours, you might think opposite from me.

But for me, I began posting candid shots of my fit for that day, which included my vintage straight leg grey trousers, some simple chunky black boots, a vintage patterned shirt & finished the look off with a vintage Burberry Trench Coat.

Finding that coat has completed my life (…tad extreme, but I’m passionate what can I say). I’ve forever loved Burberry as a brand. Their collections, pieces and promotions (ie models / campaigns) have intrigued me for so long. So it was time for me to invest in the best coat since sliced bread, The Burberry Trench Coat. However I am very particular in my vintage pieces & as this was an investment of mine, I was hella picky. It needed to be vintage, it needed to be oversized and it needed to be THAT COLOUR. The colour which screams Burberry, the off-cream tone. If you know, then you know.

I posted the candid photos of myself moving, walking and prancing in my trench coat, which by the way it was raining so I was dedicated that day. I tagged Burberry into my photos, included some hashtags & went happily on with my day. The next day I was in my uni room & realised I had a ‘like’ from Burberry. BURBERRY. Burberry LIKED my photo. To say the least, I was screaming inside with happiness.

I know people will be reading this & be thinking ‘a like? So?’. But it’s so much more than that. I was over the moon that Burberry noticed my work, my photos, my vintage styling. The official Burberry account actually saw not one … but TWO OF MY PHOTOS. Yes people, two. They liked both vintage styling photos! This is sooo rare. Designer brands don’t tend to engage with micro-bloggers / smaller accounts posts, so this is huge for me.

Here are the photos, I screenshotted the posts because I was in shock (happy shock).

This post is purely written from a place of gratitude and happiness. I feel like my blogging work, styling posts & vintage niche is finally being noticed, which makes me tingle with excitement. It’s hard as a small blogger (as you guys know) to grow your following or to get brands to notice your work. But the fact that Burberry engaged with two of my photos makes me ecstatic and a happy lil blogger. If Burberry ever work with micro-influencers or U.K. bloggers, I’d happily sign up – they’re a brilliant designer brand which have a great history and pure talent to Britain’s fashion.

Thank you to Burberry for noticing my work & styling pieces. It has made 2019 a year to remember.

Instagram: soph.h

YouTube: Sophie Henderson

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

2 Replies to “Burberry noticed me?”

  1. That’s incredible! Even a ‘like’ is a huge deal from a brand imo, especially because there’s sooo much content going around where a lot of smaller accounts get lost in the void. And how cool from a brand that you love and admire! Burberry is such a lovely brand so kudos to you xx.

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    1. Just seen this message now! Thank you so much. I’m still buzzed about it all haha! Yeah they’re one of my favourite brands of all time, so hope to create more content this year & hopefully they’ll notice again, who knows! Thanks so much xx

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