My Dr Martens Collection & Blogosphere Awards 2020

Hi angels! Welcome back to another post. How insane is it that it’s February already? 2020 is flying by ahhh.

Recently I’ve been stuck with university projects, as you all know I’m in my final year of uni, so deadlines are CONSTANT and I’ve been slacking with my writing. But don’t you worry, I’m getting into the swing of things again.

I was thinking back to what I’ve wanted for so long, clothes wise etc. In 2019 I wanted a certain pair of shoes sooo bad – the Dr Martens Jadons. HOWEVER, I discovered a pair which were more my style, the Dr Martens Sinclair’s. Lemme tell you…they’re dreamy. Platform to the MAX – which FYI is what I need considering I’m 5″2.

I wanted these shoes for so long & yesterday I plucked the courage (and bank account lol) to buy them. The Milton Keynes store is super fresh and friendly, so I decided to try them on and I ended up buying them … and I oop.

I wanted to show you all my lil collection that I have, it’s not massive, but it’s my evolution of Dr Martens. Let’s go back in time..

My first ever pair of docs were from the factory in Wollaston. My dad would take us there quite often, because as a family we all love docs. Also, when I was younger the factory used to sell cheaper products of docs which wouldn’t sell or be sold in retail. So we used to get one off pieces! Anyhow, my first pair were floral, which suited my autumnal feel when I was younger. I loved neutrals (still do to be honest) and floral patterns were my go-to at the time.

These are a size 3 and they still fit me?? Yeah, I have no clue either as I’m a size 4 & I bought them when I was in year 8 I believe. But hayho! These docs are INCREDIBLY comfy. The material, style and shape is me to a T. They’ve never broke, they’ve never hurt my feet and they still look super cute with lace dresses or plain midi-skirts.

My next pair were probably bought the same year or a year after. I’ve always just gone for the boots version, so maybe I should go out of my comfort zone one day and go for the lower shoe style. But for now, I’m sticking to boots. These brown leather boots are my typical walking the dog boot. Even though I would still wear them with cute dresses, they’re more my ‘working boot’.

They’re a lil bit covered in mud, oops. These are the same style as the original 1460’s, but they’re softer leather and a brown version. Don’t think these were ever sold in production either as they were bought from the factory back in 2012 or so.

My first couple pairs of docs were definitely for comfort and related to my style back then. However now, I typically buy shoes if 1) I love them obvs but 2) if they can go with a lot of my clothes. I want really good wear out of my footwear products so I now really buy shoes if I know I’ll 100% wear them and wear them for a long long long time.

My third pair of docs were the 1460 Originals in Smooth Black. Yassss these are my ultimate boot. I just think they’re iconic and match literally ever single outfit I wear.

Even though they’ve taken me YEARS to wear in (as I was lazy), they now work a treat with my outfits and they’re a fabulous boot to style. I would like to buy some funky laces to go with my docs now, maybe white, pink and a ribbon of some sort. The originals are pricey, as they’re over £100 now, so you have to splurge a bit on them, but they last a life time, so they’re worth every penny.

My final boot and my NEW FAVOURITE are the ones I bought yesterday. The Dr Martens Sinclair’s. When I tell you these boots make me feel like some tall super model I FEEL IT. (In my head anyways lol). The platform on these boots is incred. With shoes, I used to wear platforms all of the time, conserves triple platforms were literally my shoe of choice, I would say my style was different back then to say the least hahah, but I’ve gone back to my platform roots and decided to buy these babies.

I literally can’t get over them. When I was trying them on, I felt like walking around the store as if it was a runway Hahahah, it was brilliant. An extra bit of height and I think I’m a mixture of Lara Croft and Bella Hadid hahaha. All jokes aside, these shoes make me feel great!

The only ever time I feel so passionately about shoes is the pair of Comme Des Garçon X Converse trainers my boyfriend bought me, they’re iconic as well. So these are the boot version of that (if that makes any sense).

It’s a really nice feeling when you buy a pair of shoes, or an outfit, or clothes etc that make you truly feel your best. You end up glowing and becoming super confident, which is such a refreshing feeling. I’ve never been confident anyways, but especially with my legs, I tend to hide them away, but now I have these boots I feel brilliant.

If any of you are super cultured in the fashion and social media world, you’d know Rickey Thompson. I feel as confident as Rickey does with his fresh new boots ever season. “THESE BOOTS”. Icon of the decade already.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and I’d love to hear your favourite boots, whether they’re docs or not. It’s a great time to buy some boots as it’s still the winter season, but you can style them up during summer also.

As I’ve finally reached 3,000 followers on Instagram (was my goal target), I’m feeling great with how it’s all going and I’d be so appreciative if you could all nominate me for a Blogosphere Award 2020. There’s a few categories that I would LOVE for you all to nominate me in. I’d literally die of happiness. Click the link below to nominate lil ol’ me!

Fashion Blogger

Instagram Blogger

Blogger of the Year

I know I’m only a small blogger, but I’m having such a fun time writing and creating content for you all & working with brands. So if they notice me, it would mean the world.

If you need my details here they are:

Blog name:

My name: Sophie Henderson

Instagram: soph.h

YouTube: Sophie Henderson

Thanks my angels. Have a wonderful week!

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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