My most colourful outfits

Hi angels! Welcome back to another post.

I’ve been doing so much work all week that I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed and tired. So, when I feel like this I end up wanting to switch up my outfits even more..go a bit over the top with colours. I looove a pop of colour in an outfit, but when I’m having a bad mental health week, I want to showcase my colours and also, when I wear brighter colours, I do feel more happy. So I wore bright colours this week & took on the WORLD!

As I’ve been shadowing myself away from brighter colours, especially in the month of January, I’m dedicating February to bright fresh colours – this will carry on into March also. Let’s get to it!

All in one: New Look
Boots: Dr Martens Sinclair
Beanie: vintage
Top: retro Levi’s style

The Pink Edition – this is the style for when I’m feeling really outgoing and want to feel confident and co-ordinated (to the max). This shade of pink allows me to match it with a lot of other colours. But to be honest, wearing an all pink outfit makes me feel like a pink princess, so I will be carrying on with the whole pink look forever.

Trousers: Stradivarius
Top: Hollister
Jacket: garage sale / vintage

Feeling mellow in yellow – this all yellow look is definitely for when I’m feeling like a ray of sunshine. Yellow is a great colour to wear if you’re feeling a bit low and need a bit of a boost. I always enjoy wearing colourful clothes when I’m feeling most down, as it’s a simple way to try and bring me back up to my normal self again. Try a pop of yellow this season.

Jumper: UNIF
Denim trousers: Nobody’s Child (gifted)

Over the rainbow – I got given this jumper one Christmas, probably around 5 years ago – and it’s in PERFECT condition. I would swear by Unif’s clothes as this is such great quality. My sister got the pastel version, which is more easy to wear as the tones aren’t as bright and ‘out there’ – but I love seeing people’s faces when I wear this around uni, as they definitely notice me hahah. A walking rainbow – which is incredibly fun.

Skirt: Topshop
Top: vintage

Colour CLASH – people always assume that just because colours clash with one another that you cannot wear them. Well lemme tell you, you certainly can. I ‘colour clash’ all the time. Clashing colours makes the outfit fun and noticeable in public. If you feel worried about your outfit or style clashing colours, then just try it. Go out shopping or to uni or work and wear some clashing colours, I bet someone will say they love your colour choices. Clashing tones is eye catching & different. I love a good red & pink outfit, makes me feel artistic and creative. Gets my creative juices flowin’.

Faux fur coat: TK.Maxx

Just thought I’d throw in another colour clash of red & pink but adding my latest coat into the collection. This faux fur number is from TK.Maxx, if you don’t go into TK.Maxx much then your latest mission is to go and visit a store because they do amazing bargains and amazing brands for such good prices. I highly recommend the stores, as this coat was £20 I believe.

Cap: vintage
Jeans: Levi’s Ribcage
Jumper: Zara

CAP-ture the tones – the size of this jumper was the reason I actually bought it – the colours are obvs cute too. But the oversized look this gives is brilliant. I really love oversized outfits, especially jumpers & the balloon sleeves and overall style of the jumper excited me. I love to pair this jumper with blue Lee Cooper or Levi’s jeans. The hat is vintage and from a store in Leicester. I don’t tend to wear hats an awful lot, but when I want to have a pop of colour in my outfit, I throw this hat on and it definitely finishes any look off.

Faux fur coat: SkinnyDip London

Blue Zebra? – this striped coat is everything to me! It’s my statement piece in my coat collection, as it’s super eye catching and interesting. The two tones of blue were instantly fun and funky to style. If I wear this coat, the rest of my outfit consists of neutral or dark tones, so the coat can really be the shining star of the outfit of the day. I got invited to a SkinnyDip event a year ago & I got the chance to decide with a few other girls which clothes would go into production for their brand – so I chose this coat & it did go into collection that year! It was such a good day & I’ll remember it forever. But I wanted to remember the day and the coat I chose to go into collection, so I bought it!

Shirt: vintage / second hand charity shop
Boots: Dr Martens Sinclair
Jeans: Nobody’s Child (gifted)

Goofing around Golfing – this vintage shirt was actually from a charity shop, so it was such a great price. The colours drew me to the product in the first place & I instantly needed it. The size is very oversized, so I love tucking parts into my jeans or shorts in the summer months. So I’m very much looking forward to wearing this shirt in summer. The shirt itself was actually a golfing shirt – so the sporty aesthetic is continued when wearing it haha (I try anyways).

Top: Missguided
Skirt: Topshop

Milkmaid Material – this top was given to me by my lovely sister. The green tone in the top is such a nice colour to match with other clothing items. It’s one of those tops which you can wear casually or dressy, which is a good item to have in your 2020 wardrobes. I matched it today with the red skirt to bring out the green Pantone much more. Greens & reds are good colours to put together and make amazing outfits with.

Thank you so much for reading my post about my colourful wardrobe outfits for 2020. I do have many more colours but this blog would carry on forever haha!

I’m creating a YouTube video of my outfits for tomorrow so please go check it out when it’s live!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more fun videos: Sophie Henderson

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Have a lovely week ahead my angels.

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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