Get chatty with me: Graduate Fashion Week & Getting into a routine.

Hi angels, welcome back to another post. I believe the last time I wrote a post for you all was a few weeks ago (I’ve lost track of time and the days). University work has been on top of me and that was my priority the last few weeks / months.

However, I’m now BACK to regular blogging days. I have one more project for university left then I will be completely finished. Three years have flown by being a fashion student and I’ve really enjoyed myself and creating projects and funky assignments. But as uni has been taking up my life recently, I felt the need to get a routine back into my life once it was all nearly done.

I will be posting at least once a week, but hopefully twice. I’ve got lots to chat with you all about so let’s get into it. As I’ve mentioned before, I completed my final major project back in December. I’ve had lots of projects post-December but my FMP was back in late 2019. It was the project I was most interested in and truly and thoroughly enjoyed creating. It was a collaboration I created for Dr Martens which included Banksy & Greta Thunberg. I designed a collection which was all for sustainability & up-cycling methods.

It was a piece I absolutely loved and was proud of (still am haha). I’ve made another Instagram for my Fashion Promotion & Communication / Styling work which you can all check out! Insta: hendyvintage. I posted my designs and project onto that page & Graduate Fashion Week social media saw it & re-posted my work onto their main Instagram official GFW page. I was overwhelmed and so excited that so many people could see my work.

My FMP took so long for me to design and make, so I was just in shock that GFW saw my work and wanted to include it onto their Instagram GFW page. I’m still buzzing about it! My work is normally not everyone’s taste, so I was so fulfilled and happy that GFW liked it. Thank you to Graduate Fashion Week for sharing my project, means the world and more.

So that was pretty much the most exciting thing to happen to me during 2020 so far. As we are all in lockdown in the United Kingdom, it’s been a tough month and a bit for me. I haven’t seen my boyfriend for 6 weeks (and counting due to longer lockdown), which has been hard. But I’ve been focused on my assignments and styling work so at least I can get those finished. As the lockdown hasn’t been easy for everyone, which I can fully relate to mental health wise, I’ve been trying to keep myself doing new tasks and trying out new methods of learning.

I’ve been creating new styles with my denim jeans, shorts and actually hand-sewing / making a two piece set from one oversized men’s top. It has helped to try new things during this period of time as it’s allowed me to venture into a different side of fashion that I never thought was for me, designing / re-styling.

Being a huge vintage and secondhand clothes lover, I tend to shop mainly in those stores, unless I need new basics. But nearly all of my clothes are from sustainable or vintage brands, which I enjoy. I thought why not cut up some old jeans and shorts and turn them into new things? I’m in no way means a designer, but it does interest me and could be a path I could venture in to.

This set is the first thing I’ve created, which was around 2 weeks ago. The top was actually my dads old top which he never wore, so I’ve had it for years as a men’s top, but thought why not create a set? Lounge wear is sooo popular at the moment and is in all the trend forecasting books. As I don’t normally follow a certain trend, why not follow a comfy one? I gave it a go anyways!

The stitching and sewing were the hardest parts, as I did it all by hand. Hand sewing sounded like a good idea at the time but gosh this took me a day and a half to make. I need to purchase some fabric scissors and a machine, then I’ll be good to go haha.

I absolutely loved designing and cutting up this set. At the time I was feeling very stressed due to the covid-19 situation and being indoors. So that’s why I decided to try something new and re-style an old top. If you wanna see more of my work then comment down below & check out my socials.

So many people were so lovely and sending me messages about the re-design work of the top, which again I thank you all. Boosting my confidence! Many people wanted to see a YouTube video of it so I’ll be creating many more and making a YouTube video / IGTV if you want to check it out soon.

I’ve also been making tiktoks…yes I’m now a tiktok gal. Inspiring me to dye my hair / fringe too, I haven’t yet but it’s at the back of my mind 24/7 haha!

I honestly can’t think of anything better for myself than blogging. It calms me down and allows me to be creative and chat about my inspirations and interests. I hope you stick with me on my journey and continue to read my posts, however weird and wonderful they may seem. My Instagram is my main focus page so please feel free to check it out.

Instagram: soph.h


Tiktok: hendyvintage

Fashion Styling insta: hendyvintage

It’s been a crazy month so far & it really has been hard for so many people. I really hope and wish and pray that you all stay safe and healthy. I’ll be here writing posts that can ease your mind and even just get you to think about other stuff going on. I can be here as a distraction from normal life! This year so far has been drastic to us all, but I look forward to my future and year of looking for a job. It’s a big year for me, finishing university whilst finding a place in the industry. Wish me luck.

Stay safe everyone.🤍

Love, Soph x

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