Getting my hair through quarantine: styling with Jeneral Store

Hi angels, welcome back to another post.

Many people are doing crazy YouTube videos and blog posts about cutting their hair super short or dying it cool colours or whatnot, as they’re bored during quarantine or they have the urge to have a major change, which is completely fine. I had my hair cut super short two years ago into a very short bob. I loved it! It was for the summer months and it was a major change for me, which I needed. If I’m honest, I would looove peach coloured hair, it’s a look lemme tell ya.

Two years later, many fringes and a few colours later, my hair is now back to its natural state of brunette and curly. The last time I had long hair was back in school, so around 5 or so years ago. So it’s now long and during this time of being at home, I’ve been struggling for what to do with it.

As you all know, I love a good vintage / sustainable second hand hair clip or hair scarf, they’re my life! Sustainable brands and vintage fashion labels are very close to my heart, as I absolutely love and rave about them.

If you’re wondering who made and created this yellow masterpiece of a scrunchie are Jeneral Store. Jeneral Store are a tonal vintage and sustainable fashion store who focus on providing top quality products which are ethically made and sourced. They celebrate the old pieces, both vintage and handmade, being brought to life once again through trends and vintage lovers. Jen, creator of Jeneral Store, started the sustainable brand to re-invent the once beloved vintage pieces back into new creations for people to enjoy.

My love of scrunchies started when I started secondary school. My older sister wore scrunchies all the time as she has super thick curly long hair and didn’t want to break or ruin the curls in her hair. As scrunchies are soft and don’t damage your hair, they’re the best (for me) to put my hair up with. I have long thick hair myself and using normal bands to put my hair up in is just messy. Messy hair. Messy life.

So I literally swear by scrunchies. Jeneral Store’s yellow scrunchie is soooo smooth and soft. This scrunchie is made from remnant fabric and organic elastic, how amazing! The colour is what I love the most, yellow is my tone for the year and on darker hair, it pops even more, which I love. Again, as my hair is thick, sometimes you can’t see my hair bobbles, so this scrunchie is wonderful as it’s so bright and colourful.

I style my hair in many ways. Scrunchies, clips, plaits, buns and vintage hair scarfs. Keeping my hair in good condition is important to me, so using products and pieces that keep my hair soft is top of my list during quarantine.

In these images attached, I style the scrunchie in buns, pony tails and half up bun. My hair style changes 24/7, in terms of how I’m feeling that day. If it’s windy, the low bun is my go-to. If it’s sunny and hot, I tend to do a medium messy bun or the half up bun, which just keeps the majority of my hair back from my face. I find this to be the most comfortable hair style when wearing a scrunchie. During quarantine, I’ve been “plopping” my hair when I’ve washed it. Plopping is a method to help your curls and to keep your curls soft and smooth. I first wash it twice with shampoo, then condition, rinse and then dry it with a micro-fibre cloth. From this I brush my hair with a tangle teezer, put my curling cream through the middle / ends of my hair (a good amount) and then wrap my hair in an old / soft cotton top. – this is the plopping method (the top). I leave it in for an hour or so and then leave it to air dry, during the air drying, I’ve used the scrunchie to also keep the curls shape, which has helped!

When I wear my hair scarfs, my hair is mainly kept down. My hair scarfs are second hand / vintage purchases from different stores and vintage brands. When I look for a vintage hair scarf, I search for colour, quality and length. The length of the scarf is important for me as it needs to be long enough to not only tie around my hair / head, but to also be worn in other styles. I sometimes wear my hair scarfs as belts for my jeans, which can look funky if you want a subtle bit of colour onto your jeans instead of a plain belt.

This scrunchie was #gifted by Jeneral Store. Thank you very much for the pretty yellow scrunchie, it’s now my go-to hair piece for quarantine for sure. Check out Jeneneral Store’s website, hashtag and Instagram.

IG: jeneralstoreuk


However you style your hair during quarantine, I’d love to know. Comment below your go-to style or which style is your favourite from my photos! Check out my Instagram for more.

IG: soph.h


I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time. It’s hard for so many people so I really wish you all the best and to stay as happy as you can. We’re in this together. I have made a recent YouTube video which I would love all of you to check out & subscribe / like. It’s about quarantine and mental health, which is close to my heart. It’s a chatty vlog explaining what I’m doing to keep busy and stay as creative as I can. It’s important we all try to have a routine or to just stay true to ourselves and what we enjoy. An in-depth vlog is up now on my channel so feel free to check it out.

Love, Soph x

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