Art In The World: #BLM

Hello everyone, hope you’re all staying safe and well. Not just 2020, but this year has brought many challenges and highlighted some difficult and hurtful topics for people around the world which I want to express with you today.

If you are on social media and have seen what has been going on, you will know about the murder of George Floyd, one of too many lives taken due to police brutality. This has happened for years and years and years. It is time for it to stop. It should have never begun. As a white woman myself with a small platform, I want to share knowledge and understand with you all about what is truly going on in our world and has been for so so long.

You will have seen educated posts with stats and figures about BLM and what you can do to help. All of it is incredibly knowledgable and can only help us learn more about this movement. But on my blog and social media, I personally want to share some knowledge and positive information about other ways you can help, through art and fashion influences, in support for the black community. Fashion, and so many industries, have taken inspiration and have also used black peoples art and fashion with no permission and it is wrong to benefit from their loss and life.

Today I will be sharing art work and fashion inspiration from black artists who have made me think deeply about their art pieces and products, which have inspired me to share them not only with you today but onto my platform. As a fashion student, I’ve searched through art and styles throughout my time at university, but i want to share new accounts I’ve personally found during this time of reflection and think you should all research and be inspired by them too.

The point of this post today is to raise awareness of BLM Movement through the work of black artists and creators. My blog is for EVERYONE and I truly hope every community and person reading knows that. Here is a happy space for you to enjoy researching new artists and to try their art styles yourselves. I love trying new art styles, I’m never good, but it’s the trying that counts! I think trying new things is always interesting and giving something a go can change your perspective on situations.

I really want to emphasise how YOU feel about these paintings and products. It’s all about connecting you to the art work and individual. I will be sharing my favourite piece of their art work or products, along with their socials and you can freely check out their work. I, with you, am being educated and learning along the way. As part of the fashion and art industry, I want to be part of the push for change and diversity, so I’m very pleased to show you some artists I’ve found that create such beautiful artwork.

Bisa Butler: Quilt Art.

Bisa Butler is an American women who celebrates fibre art through quilted fabric designs and creations to celebrate black life. Her fabric quilted artwork showcases her talent and fuses a variety of patterned fabrics together, which she carefully selects, to reflect the subject’s she has included’s life, sometimes using the subjects clothing.

I was fascinated with the patterns and pops of colour in Bisa’s art piece. The contrast of pantones and patterns just highlights the individuals & the clothing so perfectly. Incredibly eyecatching.

Instagram: @bisabutler

Loveis Wise: Personal Work inspired by Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2017 collection.

Loveis Wise (they / them), is a freelance illustrator based in LA but originally from Washington D.C. They have worked with some of the worlds largest companies, ranging from Google and Cartoon Network, to Dr Martens and Disney Hyperion (only to name a few literally). Their work has really inspired me as it tells me in such detail the story behind the art. With this piece in particular, it was their personal work inspired by Gucci’s pre-fall 2017 collection. Art work is also inspired by other designers and individuals. Please check out the stunning art pieces and collaborations by Loveis. I enjoy Gucci’s products and it’s really great to see a collection come to life in a different form and industry.

Sabrena Khadija: Art Print – this was really eye catching to me, as the colours and pantones really made me happy to look at. I get drawn into art work and fashion pieces through colour and depending on where it is placed on the page. As Sabrena’s art piece here was so intriguing I wanted to know more about it. Sabrena is an illustrator and visual artist.

By Sabrena: “I am one of the growing number of human beings who seek inclusive and innovative spaces to explore art and creativity in meaningful and impactful ways.”

Sola Olulode: “I couldn’t make art work about another persons experiences, that’s why my identity is all over my paintings”.

In an art exhibition / interview she had with between boarders magazine, Sola explained that for the black community, she wanted them to see themselves through her paintings. As a white woman myself, I looked at her work and even though I can’t have the same personal link to the paintings as others can, I am inspired and really feel the paintings on a different level. I looked at this painting in particular and felt drawn to the shapes, colours, style and overall outlook of the painting. I’m very happy that I’ve seen Sola’s art and will continue to see more.

IG: @solaolulode

I would like to say a huge thank you to the artists I’ve featured today, as they inspired me without knowing who I am at all. You never know who you will inspire or educate around the world. Social media allowed me to find these individuals and it’s a blessing that I did. Thank you.

Please check out their links and have a look at their art work yourselves and see what you think. It’s all about getting a connection to the art. You wont always connect to each art piece all of the time, but for these I certainly did.

Love, Soph x

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