favourite lockdown foods: sweet treats & ElsBakes

Hi angels, welcome back to another post.

I’ve been enjoying the meals during lockdown that I’ve been having. Normally I’d be eating pasta 24/7, but as me and my family have had more time to cook and bake, we’ve tried new things and ended up loving a bunch of new foods or rather loving the foods already and just having the time to enjoy them.

I’m definitely not a ‘foodie’ gal. I’m pretty simple when it comes to food and don’t really try enough, it’s this year though that I want to try new foods and cook more. So during this period of time being at home isolating, my family and I have been baking and cooking new recipes and following inspirations from others, which has been interesting! I’m not a professional at all, I tend to help my mum (bless her) – but we’ve enjoyed baking together.

From the typical chocolate cake and ginger bread to lasagnas and stews, I’ve literally loved them all. If I was to eat any type of food forever, it would be either Italian food or homely food like hot pots etc.

As we’ve been enjoying the sweet treats like everyone else in the U.K. haha, we’ve been normally making them at home. However we missed buying some lovely treats so I decided to treat myself and my family to some amazing brownies.

I’ve mentioned before in a previous post about ElsBakes. Eleanor Broome (elsbakes) is a baker from Northamptonshire and she’s a local baker – during this time she’s been doing deliveries and honestly has been doing such an incredible job. She’s provided such yummy and beautiful brownies and sweet treats that I honestly could eat them all right now. I went for brownies and did it on a collection, which was great for me!! I wish I lived in the delivery area but It was so great of Eleanor as she met me in a drop off area to deliver my brownies, sooo lush of her.

I’m a HUGE brownie fan. I’m one of those who LOVES a chewy brownie, or ones that you heat up and whatnot, love a warm brownie. So that’s what I do with her brownies, microwave for 20 seconds and then have it with cream. It’s heaven on a plate.

ElsBakes does all sorts!! Literally so much and she works so so hard. During this time she’s been working non-stop doing brownie deliveries and she’s honestly been making everyone so happy with her delicious brownies. Want to thank those who have managed to keep working during this such hard time, it isn’t easy and I couldn’t imagine working during this time and she’s done deliveries each week and working so hard. Huge congrats to ElsBakes!! She’s also at 4.5K followers on IG so make sure you check her out.

If you would like to check out ElsBakes follow her IG: Elsbakes_ – it’s worth it trust me.

I’ve also been having much more fruit lately, such as strawberries and nectarines. I’ve been going on my runs as well! I’m currently doing couch to 5K and have been doing it for 6 whole weeks, I’m so proud of myself! I usages to be a sprinter years back and I’ve actually missed running, so it’s been nice to get back into it and actually start to enjoy it. I’ll write a post about this in more detail.

Health wise via food, I’ve been actually eating whatever I like, which is what I normally do haha. But I’ve tried to be super healthy in the past and earlier this year & it just didn’t work through lockdown, which is perfectly fine. My running has allowed me to get fitter and still allow myself to eat whatever in proportion, so I’m happy with that.

Sweet treats that I’ve been LOVING during this lockdown are:

– Strawberries (with meringue and cream ofc).

– ElsBakes brownies (they’re the best I promise).

– Chocolates: Daim Bar, Munchies, Crunchie and Penguin Biscuits.

– Chocolate cake & Ginger bread (homemade).

I’m definitely more of a dessert lover, if I was at a restaurant I’d choose dessert over starter (sorry to those who are more savoury than sweet). Just have a super sweet tooth that I simply cannot ignore. Any of you with me on that? As all of the restaurants and pubs etc have been closed during this difficult time, I’ve not had any sweet treats other than if it’s home made or some choccy. However I found out that Heavenly Desserts in Rushden Lakes does collection, so me and my friend were all over it last week and couldn’t wait to have a socially distanced food date. It was such a hot day so I went for a cooler dessert; being a cheesecake and ice cream.

If you know of any dessert places or companies via Instagram or to visit please comment below or lemme know, so I can visit or order when hopefully restrictions get lifted over the next few weeks / months.

I hope you’re all well & staying safe and happy. We’re all in this together.

Love, Soph x

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