University: Fashion student edition & Grades!

Hi angels! Welcome back to another post by yours truly.

Hope you’re all staying safe and well during this time. It’s been hard on everyone so I wish you happiness and love. Many people had been furloughed during this time and many have sadly lost jobs and are now looking for new ones. During these past few months, I’ve still been technically a university student. If you’ve been here since the beginning of my blogging journey, you’ll know I’m a fashion student. But for my new readers, I’ve been studying BA (hons) Fashion Promotion & Communication at the University of Northampton.

This year was my third and final year of being a fashion student & it was my hardest year, to say the least haha. Many people have struggles anyways, physically or mentally, and the added pressure of a pandemic wasn’t on my ‘to-do’ list of 2020. However, I still had to finish my final year. The majority of my degree is styling, photography and computer work ie photoshop / adobe. So for me, working from home was just fine as I had my computer with me. The major issue was not being able to use the photography studios as that’s key to our work. But due to Covid-19, we all worked from home these past few months.

It was definitely nice to be at home and working, but I was very worried about my grades as it’s easy to not be motivated when you’re at home. You get distractions or you can simply not be creative and it has its troubles. I had (if I remember rightly haha) around 3 projects to complete during lockdown, which were my final and major projects which basically determined my overall degree classification, as third year is important and counts a lot to the grades.

I finished each project, which I was over the moon about as I love creating projects, but also getting things completed and finished is always a nice feeling. During this time I also created an Instagram page for my styling work – IG: hendyvintage and a Tiktok account, which is a bit of fun – Tiktok: hendyvintage.

Keeping all of this up was a lot to juggle at times, and with my blog it became slightly overwhelming, hence my lack of posts recently (sorry angels). But the month of July has definitely been kind to me.

1st of July 2020: I received my overall classification for my degree. I GOT A FIRST CLASS HONOURS DEGREE!!!

I still can’t believe it. All my hard work actually paid off. I was very anxious and nervous about what I’d get overall, as I’ve really never performed well ‘academically’ – so typically it puts a stigma on us lot who don’t test well. But honestly, getting a First Class honours in BA (hons) Fashion Promotion & Communication boosted my confidence and actually for once made me think I can achieve things. I was always that classmate who was ‘average’ with grades. Which if I’m honest, I was perfectly fine with as I didn’t think any different for myself. Again, I’m not an ‘academic’ at all, so I knew I was always more creative. But just getting a bit of a boost like that really made me put my life into perspective.

Thank you to my family & friends for being super supportive and sending me beautiful flowers to celebrate. Can’t wait to see you all properly when everything gets back to ‘normal’. – whatever normal is!

I wasn’t one of those who was destined to go to university. First off I tried to find jobs and apprenticeships near me which were fashion based…there was none whatsoever. So that’s why very last minute I decided to give university a go & I’m glad I did. I can put my lil achievement on my Linked In profile hahah! On a serious note, I’m happy and it’s a good feeling.

During my time at university, I’ve had comments and whatnot about studying fashion and they’ve been somewhat negative from others who don’t study the creative subjects. So it’s a rewarding feeling to prove people wrong and just do well in something! So for me, the month of July is now one of my favourite months. On a side note, have any of you seen that apparently the stat signs have changed? So I’m an Ophiuchus now? Who knows. But July, you have my heart this year.

Anyone studying at university or has a job or just living life, be proud of yourselves. Life this year alone has been TOUGH and completing even the smallest tasks should be a celebration. I congratulate you all on being fabulous.

So, as I’ve bumped myself up to believe July is my month, I need to make the most of it. I’m planning posts, blog posts, Instagram things, Tiktok vid’s, whatnot. I need to plan more and write things down to make myself seem as if my life is together hahah. I’m getting back into being creative again and it’s a nice feeling.

I wish you all the best and I’ll be back with more fashion posts very soon. As always, love Soph x

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