August will bring adventure

It is INSANE to think we’re in August already? Time has flown by this year, as we all know. Still forever wishing you all love, light and health. Stay safe angels.

August however is definitely going to be a month of fresh beginnings and new adventures. It’s that month that people either cry with sadness that they have no clue what to do in their lifes (ie me) or motivates people to get up and try completely new things that’ll send them on a happy journey. I wish for the second option and it’s brewing inside of me, just planning atm people haha!

Also would like to mention the new layout of my website, what do you think? I’m still unsure as I want this space to be completely me and different things i like, so i’m working on my website and its a slow process, but who knows, i might have a different layout and whatnot very soon so stay tuned.

Many pupils all over the world have had their results, either today or very recently, which is such a scary thing. I remember getting mine and literally being shocked, as they weren’t the best lets say hahah, however i realised my university changed my acceptance rules ie grades so i suddenly had an unconditional, crazy right? But for sooo many people, you’ll either feel insanely happy or feel a bit lost, just like i did. I’ve just finished my degree at university and i really didn’t think i was a ‘uni type’. But turns out it was meant for me! Whether you choose university or a job or gap year or apprenticeship, absolutely anything, you’ll be fine. You’re strong enough to handle some results and I definitely think you’ve got what it takes to do what you want in this world. I wasn’t academic at all. I REALLY tried to get good grades and well, good grades didn’t come my way hahah, until i got to university and studied something i LOVED, fashion!! Maybe you think you’re not academic or ‘smart’ enough for university or anything, but put your heart and soul into it and trust the process, it’s worth it.

Beccles, Lowestoft Beach. – blog post pending.

For others around the world, it’s a very hard time. Finding jobs or new jobs at the moment is a tricky process and quite frankly, scary. I’m in that bracket right now, searching for a job and hopefully using my degree. I’m officially a ‘linkedin’ member, whoop! I’ve been trying to connect with so many people haha, it’s like a new facebook. But i get so many good tips, tricks and advice from real people who are in the same boat as me. If you’re in my position too, looking for a job or something new to do, then try linkedin. Even if you don’t find your dream job on there, people give out such good advice and i’ve learnt a lot from there; such as how to do my CV correctly, or how to come across more professional yet creative. I’m in the stage of creating and perfecting my CV and hopefully sending off some projects / portfolio work to brands who i would love to work with and be part of a team. So atm, i’m in ‘limbo’, but i’ll get there soon.

July for me was SUCH a good month. I received my degree classification (First Class with honours) – just like to throw that in there for giggles lol. I’ve more importantly completed couch to 5K, which was really important to me as i’ve tried desperately to get fitter again. I used to be a sprinter for Northampton and over the years i quit and followed new paths in life. But as my body is changing, and certainly has over lockdown, i’ve been running with my dad. Keeping us both fit has been a ‘highlight’ of lockdown, so been trying hard and in July we completed it. We now do regular 5K’s, even though it’s still super tough. In July i also created a website for Banbury Vintage Watch & Jewellery Company Ltd, who sell products from Rolex’s and high-end vintage watches to gold and silver jewellery pieces. So i made my first website for a brand which was fun! So now there’s a pressure for August to be as good as July was, for myself anyways.

Lowestoft Beach

I’ve recently been in a bit of a struggle mentally over what i want to do in life, and the truth is, i dont know yet. But then again, does anyone ever know? I do put a lot of pressure on myself to try and make sure i’m keeping busy or working hard on creating content, but job wise it’s getting me down. I’m in a place where i’m motivated in creating things but worried about job applications, as I havent done it before. But ‘shy baines get nowt’ – if you’re Geordie you’ll get that.

I just need to push myself a bit more. It’s completely understandable that so many people, including myself, have lost a bit of motivation, as we’ve all been stuck inside for months on end. Lockdown has half made me motivated but also made me love the comfort of my home even more… however i’m glad, (still nervous at times) but overall glad to be outside again. I made my own mask which i’m proud of! I’m into up-cycling clothes, as you all know. I found an unused Gucci cloth bag in my room that i simply didnt use, so i thought about turning it into something else and well, i needed a mask so here it is!

For my first go at making a mask i’m impressed with it. I’ve worn it out and it definitely works and fits well. I’d like to make a few more in different colours, so i have a bit of choice. I definitely feel safer when out and about with my mask on, just a lil layer of comfort and safety improves how i am in public ie confidence wise. If you’re still feeling nervous about being outside again, then you’re not alone. Many many many people will feel the same as you. It’s a slow process but it will progress!! Again, just trust the process.

So for the month of August, i’m dreaming of:

  • Getting a fulltime/partime (who knows) job – possibly in the fashion sector
  • Continue my 5K runs, wear my new running trainers and get fitter
  • Bake more lemon drizzle cakes, they’re a classic
  • Not be so hard on myself, be kind to my mind and body, be more free thinking.
  • Show my kindness more to others, be less nervous and work on my aura with others

I wish you all happiness in the month of August and more fashion content will be up soon. But for now, enjoy my new website layout haha!

Love, Soph x

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