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Hi angels! It’s been a little while.

I hope you’re all doing okay, sending love and light to all my readers always. After re-designing my website and getting all that sorted, I ended up on a different venture. I will be doing a more in-depth post about my brand in my next post so stay tuned. But if you’re interested in sustainable fashion, head over to my small business IG: hendysthelabel – which I up-cycle designer jeans into bags. My website is: hendysthelabel.com – again I’ll be updating you all on this in my next post!

Summer was nice (kind of) while it lasted. The weather was beautifulllll, so sunny and fresh feeling. It was definitely nice to walk around fields and the countryside in the sunshine whilst I was able to. We are now coming into the cooler seasons, Autumn and Winter. I may be bias as my birthday is in December, but these are 100% my favourite months ever. The lead up to my birthday is always fun, I understand I won’t be partying or anything like that at all this year, which is completely understandable, but I’ll still enjoy just feeling special for the day haha!

Fashion wise during these months, coats, thick cosy jumpers and boots come out much more. This year the black faux leather oversized jackets are trending and oh boy I do enjoy this fashion statement. I’ve been a fan of anything oversized for so long, just the baggy look and feel is just comfort and casual, especially when it’s cold. Layers are this seasons speciality and who doesn’t love layering?

In this post I’ll be featuring my favourite A/W20 looks from Pinterest. If I was organised I would’ve put these on myself but hay ho you’ll all enjoy Pinterest hahaha. During lockdown I haven’t bought hardly any clothes, I literally can’t remember the last time I bought something for myself. So I’ve simply been using Pinterest for inspiration and as a fun task. It’s sooo calming to me to use my Pinterest boards as inspo and flick through iconic outfits. Maybe I should get out more but ngl I’d deffo say it’s something I do in my free time lol.

The Oversized Black or Brown Leather Jacket

An Oversided Black / Brown Leather Jacket just adds a bit of texture to your outfit. It’s so simple yet the oversized effect and colour choice adds not only dimension to your ‘fit but also makes such a statement. The fact the jacket would also go with pretty much everything is great too.

White Buttoned Shirt

A white shirt is a staple piece in everyone’s wardrobe, if you don’t have one then YOU NEED TO. If you’re a person like me who tends to throw outfits together at the last minute but always says ‘I have nothing to wear today’ then a white shirt will be your best friend. I prefer oversized white shirts, as you have the ability to tuck them in and also wear them under sweaters for a winter look and to keep warm. The high collar on this one stood out to me!

Colourful Monochromatic ‘fits

Why only wear dark colours in winter months? I will never abandon my colourful palette of fun vibes, whatever month it is!! Monochrome looks are so funky in colder months, as you’ll probably stand out more and also match to a T. To be honest it makes your outfit look even more desirable in my opinion. These colours together are so fresh. If you’re more of a neutral person during the cooler months, then browns and creams in monochrome style would look lovely.

Black socks & Black Chunky Boots

Black boots are what most people seem to think are a winter shoe, which I agree with. However, I wear my Dr Martens Sinclairs ALL YEAR ROUND. I’m 100% a boot gal over flats etc, just find them to make any outfit or dress or bottoms look edgy and casual. Black boots with funky black socks make the outfit interesting without ‘trying too hard’. I don’t believe you can ever try too hard with an outfit but if you’re one to not want to bother much with putting ‘fits together then black boots and socks will always match and have your back. I’m going to be searching for some socks like these, as I just think they allow the boots to stand out more whilst also hopefully giving comfort.

Claw Clips

Claw clips have been my go-to hair style for the whole of lockdown. To be honest I’ve worn this hair style for probably a couple years now at least. I’m asking for some for xmas, sparkly ones etc, as I just think they’re so pretty in the hair. When you’re not feeling like doing much to your hair or if you’re on a day when you don’t wanna wash your hair, shove it up in a claw clip and trust me it works wonders to your whole look. I quite like it when my hair is pushed back in one of these clips, as I have a lot of hair and it’s long so it can be a pain at times. Claw clips make everything easier and they’re nicer to your hair than a small hair bobble. We wanna keep our hair stylish in A/W but also take care of our lil follicles.


I think it’s easy to say that these vests have been chucked into the winter season this year. I bought mine around 2 years ago, mine is a vintage Burberry vest which I love love love. Knitted vests don’t just keep you warm and add a layer to your ‘fit, but if you want to add colour to your neutral tones then vests are a great way to simply add a bit of colour. If you buy a couple chunky vests in multiple colours, it means you can use this style all the time during A/W but also switching it up if needed.

IG: soph.h
IG: soph.h

These last photos are of myself styling in my latest Autumn fashion. A vintage plaid miniskirt with a white turtle neck top and vintage jumper is my look for October. I’m enjoying styling myself in these cooler months so far as I haven’t used my jumpers or jackets for a while, so it’s nice to get them back out again.

Thanks for reading my angels and I’ll be back again with another post in a couple days.

IG: soph.h – follow my socials if you wanna see more styles!

Brand: hendysthelabel.com // IG: hendysthelabel

Love, Soph x

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