Where have I been?

Hi angels! Welcome back to another long awaited post. I haven’t wrote in quite a while, let’s say lockdown 3 hit me pretty hard. This isn’t a doom and gloom post, as we are staying away from negativity, but to widen the taboo subject of mental health matters. Take care of yourselves and put yourselves first.

I’ve been pretty busy with working on myself really! Trying to better my mental space whilst looking for work and all sorts. The third lockdown for me was the hardest. Stress upon stress. However I have some motivation now and working on myself has made me happier to write and to post. Writing or journaling is a form of therapy in many ways, just writing down thoughts and feelings can get it out in the open, so you don’t have to hide it all the time or keep it in. My blogs do that for me.

How have you all been? How’ve you felt with this third lockdown? The fact we are slightly out of it now is crazy to me, like the fact we’re kinda in the real world again?? We love to see it. I went into a store today and bought a top, it was a huge step for me as I haven’t bought any clothes for maybe half a year or something, so to buy a top was a dream haha! I prefer going into stores to buy bits and pieces. I however do need a revamp of my clothing items, some essentials are needed – especially as summer is around the corner! (I’m in need of a bit of sunshine).

I now have a job again (yay). I’m a social media strategist and content creator, so I get to sort out all the content for a website, store and keep up to date with marketing needs. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in and finding my way in the industry. I’ve found it tricky as a fresh graduate to find myself during a pandemic, and I mean who can blame me? I’m in the same boat as thousands of people, so just to let you know, you’re not alone either if you’re struggling with work or anything. Graduates have been hella strong through this period, so has everyone. As restrictions are easing more, hopefully job searching will be better for those who are still looking. I’m sending my love to you all.

Hendy’s the Label – I started my small biz back in October! If you’re interested in sustainable fashion, handmade items & up-cycled trends then head over to my IG & website. Hendysthelabel.com // Instagram.com/hendysthelabel

I’m continuing with my lil business as I loooove to stay creative, but during this past few months I’ve been a bit stuck creatively, which is understandable. You creatives who’ve found inspiration and kept moving, I look up to you!! But a creators block won’t stop me, I’m finding new ways to make my pieces so stay tuned for some collection drops soon. I’m in search of small independents (sustainable) / biz’ which make fashion items !! My wardrobe needs updating ASAP. This gal is also having a glow up on April 30th … I’ll tell you the secret later on.

Hopefully this is the last lockdown the U.K. has to go through (fingers crossed). Whilst the 1st lockdown we had beautiful sunshine, the last two have been safe to say *crappy*. Coming out the end of it though and we’ll continue to grow as individuals and better ourselves. You’ve got this.

For now I want to send my love to everyone. You’re all doing so well. My blog has been lifted up again and I’m so happy to be writing to you all. Happy April 12th (the day normality is slightly coming back).


Love, Soph x

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