My guide on how I style fashion hair scarves

Good afternoon angels! Welcome back to another blog post, on this Autumnal Tuesday afternoon.

It isn’t even Autumn yet!! Autumn actually starts on the 23rd of September, but we’re feeling the Autumn breeze and seeing the leaves fall already.

I’d get comfy, grab a cuppa and have a read of this post, because it’s all about how to style Fashion/ hair scarves and how I personally style mine. I’ve had many many many questions on Instagram about this & about where i’ve purchased mine and how I style them and people have commented saying how much they love the hair scarf style, so i’ll be telling you all in more detail how I work this look.

The four major steps: folding the scarf

It’s pretty simple this part tbh, you just fold the scarves from one corner to the other corner of your choice. You then finish with the scarf being long and even.

Depending on what look I’m going for that day, the thickness of the scarf changes. Sometime I like to make the folds larger for a relaxed look, and then sometimes I like them thinner for a ‘clean’ look.

The Bun

This is my ultimate favourite look, as you’ve all seen on my insta. For this one, I first create the bun, sometimes I use a bobble and others I don’t! I have a low bun usually, and then I wrap the scarf around twice and then tie the scarf together. For a boho look, I have the scarf on top of the bun. Then for a posh look, I have the scarf tied underneath the bun!

I’ll be doing a Vlog soon showing you all the creations!

Half up Half down

With having short hair, I looove to have my hair half up and half down. My opinion, but it suits shorter hair much better.

To get this look, I collect the hair I want to be in the bun altogether. I then tie it with a scrunchie! I wrap the hair scarf around the bun, and tuck the edges in, because with the bun, I don’t want the edges out on show. So you can tuck these in normally, or just use a few bobby pins.

The Original


I also think it’s super cute when people wrap thin scarves around their necks too. Depending on the style you’re going for, I think this looks really cute and professional. It reminds me of just a fashionable choker necklace!

Off the face / headband 

This is basically used as a headband. Tie it how you like, and then tuck the edges behind the scarf. I put the scarf underneath all of my hair so it’s touching the back of my neck, and then tie it on top. This is a good way to make your hair look thicker, because all of the hair is lifted from underneath to be shown. Just gives it a bit of an “oomph”.

You can also have the band thicker too and with the bow / tie showing! I’d wear this probably more casually and not out & about much. Having a comfy day in and want all your hair off your face? Use this look!

The Bag & Belt loop Style

ONE OF MY ULTIMATE FAVOURITE LOOKS! Any A/W look like this is just bomb. Just tie the scarf onto your bag, even if it’s on a long bag or short backpack, it’ll create such a good look. It adds colour to the bag also, brightening it up.

I tie the scarf onto my belt loop to have a street style feel to my everyday look. I enjoy having a bit of fabric on a belt loop, because it adds a more dynamic look to just some basic jeans. I’d wear this with a professional outfit, or street style. You can wear a belt with this look too, the scarf won’t get ruined or marked don’t worry.

High Pony Tail


The high pony is a really great way to 1) get hair off your face 2) wear when you’ve got lots of layers on. When wearing layers, I prefer to wear my hair up high on my head, so it doesn’t get caught in my jackets or jumpers. Tie your hair up in a pony, and wrap the scarf as many times as it can around the bobble, then either tuck it in for a sleek look or wear them out.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my fashion hair scarf styles, and can sort of understand how to complete these looks through my babbling hahah!

As i’ve said, a Vlog on my YT channel will be up soon showing you these looks.

Contact me on any of my social media platforms / email for collaborations or questions.

  • Instagram: soph.h
  • Email:
  • YouTube: Sophie Henderson

Love you angels, speak to you on Friday!

Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo



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