My attire for the Hull / York Medical School Winter Ball 2018: from beauty to ballgown.

Hello my winter fashion angels, hope you’re having an angelic day so far.

As you can tell from the title of the post, I attended a ball this weekend. It was the medical school / university’s ball that my boyfriend attends uni at. He is at uni for 5 / 6 years to become a doctor. I’m very proud of him & he’s always wanted to be a doctor since we’ve been together & I support him all the way.

So because he does medicine at his uni, the ‘ball’ scenario is slightly different. Medicine have their own winter ball every year, just medical students. So i’m pretty much walking into an area every year where i’m not exactly fitting in hahaha. But I don’t mind, I just smile & drink the night away. (I had way too many jäger bombs might I add).

It was nice because I spent the time with one of jonny’s bestfriends girlfriend, Natalie. We actually all know each other because we all went to the same sixth form & coincdentally Jonny & Bradley live together, which is really nice & a proper laugh!

So me & Nat drank the night away with too many shots & well, we ended up in a bit of a tipsy state. I think because I’m quite small & don’t really eat a lot anyways, I got a bit dizzy before everyone else let’s say hahah.

The venue for the ball was actually inside an Aquarium! They hired out the whole Aquarium for the evening. I saw lots of fish, sharks & sealife & it was so lovely. Even though i’d much prefer to see them all in the sea or in their natural habitats, it was cool to see them in real life & close up.

My Attire



  • Dress: Zara, £19.99
  • Heels: M&S, £35.99
  • Bag (not shown in image), Vintage

I bought this dress around 2 weeks ago, and it caught my eye as I walked into Zara. I really try not to buy a lot from Zara, purely because knowing they’re a fast fashion brand it does put me off. But if I see a really nice garment in Zara I will buy it. But i’d have to know that I’d wear it more than once for sure. So this dress was actually paired with a top underneath on the mannequin, but I decided to just wear it as it is.

The fabric of the dress was super nice & comfy. Didn’t itch what so ever! What caught my eye about the dress was 1) the lace & 2) the length. As i’m around 5”3, dresses can tend to look a bit big on me. But this dress was the perfect length as I wanted my heels to be seen. The lace embellishment of the dress made me have a vintage vibe & as you all know, I love that look.

I paired this sleek black dress with some heels from M&S. Loads of people my age think M&S isn’t fashionable, and they’re all wrong. I find some absolute gems in M&S for really great prices most of the time. Their sales are the best too! In addition, if you don’t have any of their bra’s ladies then TRUST ME, you’re missing out. They’re the comfiest bra’s in the world & they last a lifetime. I love Rosie Huntington-Whitley’s collections. Make sure to check them out!

Anyhow, the shoes were black velvet with the actual heel being mirrored. They stood out so nicely!

Makeup for the Ball



  • Mascara: Benefit Cosmetics UK, roller lash in Black
  • Lipgloss: Glossier, clear lipgloss
  • Bronzer: Collection, Contour Kit & Benefit Cosmetics UK Hoola Quickie Contour Stick
  • Highlight: Pixi by Petra, Gold
  • Foundation: The Ordinary, Serum Foundation in 1.1P
  • Primer: Benefit Cosmetics UK, The Porefessional
  • Eye Primer: Urban Decay
  • Liquid Eye Shadow / Glitter: Stila, Glitter & Glow, Rose Gold
  • Brow Gel: Benefit Cosmetics UK, 24hr Brow Setter, Clear Gel


For my hair, I decided to straighten it and have it up in a high pony. I decided to have a fringe around a week ago, so I had that cut & styled recently for the ball & purely because I wanted to change my look.

It’s hard to sort out a fringe every day. You girls who have to style your fringes I look up to you all hahaha. But I absolutely love having one, even it’s just for a little while until it grows out. It’s  just really fun & I like to look different from others, so it’s a nice change for me.

I also really like to wear my hair up & have my fringe down. It shapes my face & it can make an outfit go from a 7 to a 10 for some reason. Fringes have magical powers hahah. I wanted a thinner fringe, i’m not a block fringe kinda gal, so I asked for a thin one so I can swipe it to the side if needed. But it’s all gone fine & it was nice to wear it how I did for the ball. Straight high pony tail with a fringe worked well for me at the ball.

(Here are some images of the evening).


It was such a blast, I enjoyed making friends with the barman too hahah, think they remembered me after my fourth trip up to the bar for jäger bombs. It was 2 for £6 so I thought at the time that was a bargain … would’ve been cheaper in NB’s though. (If you know then you know).

Spending time with Jonny was really nice & having a party with him was great too. It’s his 20th birthday this weekend so we’ll be celebrating again very soon.


As you can tell, I wanted a serious photo, but Jonny wanted to pose.

We planned to go out afterwards, but weirdly enough I wasn’t feeling it hahaha, one too many.

There were many highlights this weekend. From going to the cinema to watch the new Grinch movie on the Saturday (it was amazing I highly recommend), to then going ice skating with Natalie & Bradley on the Sunday. Overall, it was a really nice weekend.

But now i’m back to reality & I have SO MUCH work to do. No joke. It’s crazy the amount of stuff I need to do. Stressed. But it’ll all work out, i’m a busy bee.

Speaking of busy bees, I want to show you a piece of art which was just on a wall in Hull this weekend, to end this post off.


Instagram: soph.h

I just wanted to say I received so much positive feedback from my most recent blog post, all about contraceptives & the pill. Honestly, the amount of lovely ladies who privately messaged me & spoke to me about their stories was wonderful. Thank you for sharing your life & stories with me. It was really calming to see so many women have the same issues as me & to be able to speak freely with them was a lovely feeling for me. Remember, you’re never alone. There’s always someone out there that you can talk to.

Quote for the day:

Life can be one big mess. But it’s your mess that you can overcome. Don’t take on someone else’s mess. Work on your own mindset & ones self before you try to take on someone else’s. Not everyone’s mess can be fixed by you. But YOU can make a difference to people’s lives. Be happy, healthy & remember to love. Mess is only temporary.

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie Henderson xo

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