Whittlebury Hall Spa Weekend – facials, treatments, sauna’s and more

Hello my fashion angels, welcome back to another Styled by Sophie post! Recently I’ve been delving into lifestyle posts, purely because I’ve just been out and about this A/W season, and I’ve been dying to tell you all about my little adventures. I will be writing all about my winter street style soon and how I wear my coats this winter.

However, this is all about the spa trip I endured!!! On Friday it was my 20th birthday (I know how exited you all are for me). For my twentieth b-day, my parents bought me a spa trip to Whittlebury Hall. Me and my mum went and it was honestly so relaxing and fabulous.

We stayed in a nice bedroom which overlooked a little garden area of the stately home. The interior of the house was amazingggg. I’m really into interior design, and my favourite interior style has always been stately homes and old buildings. The architecture of the ceilings and rooms is just angelic.

Whittlebury Hall isn’t too far away from where I live, it’s probably a half an hour drive, so it’s relatively close. The staff were super helpful and very positive! We arrived there early on Sunday morning and checked in.

As soon as we checked in we dropped our cases / bags off in our hotel room and got our bikinis on and went to the spa area!! I was so excited as this was my first ever spa trip and I shall be going on many more in the near future.

I couldn’t take any images of the spa area unfortunately due to many other people in there and I don’t want to invade on people’s privacy & relaxation time. But the spa was just beautiful.

The interior of the spa area, sauna’s, rooms, pools, and halls are all roman themed. (Mainly the pool and spa area is Roman themed). Such as poles, paintings and tiling.

We got ready and put our white towel gowns on, along with our matching white slippers. I felt so posh hahah. We got a bit lost due to the place being massive, but we eventually found our way to the spa area and finally began to have the relaxation time we well and truly needed.

We spent a lot of our time in the sauna’s. Oh my gaaaawd. A sauna is soooo relaxing. Once you’ve stayed in there for like 3 minutes you get fully used to the heat. One thing I would recommend is taking water in there it’s you. You really need to stay hydrated in sauna’s as they can make you light headed due to the temperature.

We tried out the salt sauna’s, steam sauna’s, ice and cold rooms, the giant jacuzzi area, the pool and the different shower areas. It was all magical! I honestly had the best time. Knowing the areas now and what you can do there, I know for next time what I will use and won’t use. It was a really good eye opener to see what I really do like, such as a salt sauna! I have to say, I prefer a salt sauna much more than a steam one. The steam got a bit too much for me. I need to be in an area where I can breathe more hahahah.

After our lunch which was a beautiful buffet, we booked to have some afternoon tea. This cream tea was lovely! Fresh cream and scones. I pronounce it as ‘sc-on’ but others say ‘sc-own’. Either way, scones are perfection. Jam, cream, scones and tea is what dreams are made of.

We had complimentary drinks also, which was very kind of them. Prosecco, yayyyy!

Later on in the day, we also had booked to have facials. I can now officially say that I LOVE a facial.

The young lady that completed my treatment was honestly such a nice person. She has only been working there for around three months and she was excellent! Think she was around my age and honestly I hope to have her again to do my facial because I’ve never been so relaxed in my life.

She used great products for my sensitive skin (what a babe) and she was just gentle and really focussed on my pressure points, which made me relax even more during the treatment.

Thank you to the kind lady who did my facial, you’re a babe!

The area where the treatments are located was super clean and fancy. The products are really good for your skin. The heat and moisturisers really helped my pores and deeply cleansed my face.

To end the evening with a bang, we went down to dinner. The dinner was located in Aston Court, which was huge inside! We had parfait for starters, then we both had a beef dinner. I couldn’t have a dessert because I was MASSIVE. My food baby was growing. So we decided to just have starters & mains, then we had hot drinks to take up to our rooms.

Outfit details:

  •  Dress – Femme Luxe Finery
  • Earrings – Matilda Djerf X NAKD fashion
  • Boots – Bershka
  • Mascara – Benefit Cosmetics – roller lash
  • Concealer – Glossier
  • Lipgloss – Glossier
  • Bronzer – Collection
  • Highlight – Pixi beauty

We went to bed watching the final of I’m a Celeb, and drank our wonderful hot drinks. I had a hotchocolate and a lil biscuit, yum!

We had a full English breakfast in the morning, and completely stuffed our faces. I also had some watermelon which was beautifullll. I love fruit! Anything fruity is a yes from me.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed my Whittlebury Hall Spa Weekend post. If any of you decide to go, please let me know! Or if you’ve been lots of times before, please comment below or message me through Instagram, i’d love to know our opinions on Whittlebury Hall Spa & maybe what treatments you’ve had there!

Speak to you on Friday my angels.

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo

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