Every fashion fanatic waits until the day of the Met Gala each year. Last year there were some great designers showcasing their talented pieces on global superstars. This year we have seen some out of this world garments and I’m ready to get my judging on because this year there are some STRONG contenders I must say. However, there are some … let’s say ‘let downs’.

We all have to remember, just because something is designer, doesn’t mean it’s beautiful. Equally, there are FABULOUS designer pieces! But again, designer doesn’t always mean good.

I don’t judge the outfit just by what it looks like, I judge the whole performance, the look, the style, if the star matches the designer garment, if the theme works etc. There’s soooo many different elements that come with a dress, suit or designer piece, and you WORK WITH the garment, not against it.

ZENDAYA – Tommy Hilfiger

WHAT A KILLER OUTFIT. I must say, it’s extremely creative and technological. Lighting up and the overall style and shape of this dress is a huge yes. However, I would’ve loved to have seen a bit more sparkle on it, to make it really POP and be a show stopper. However, I love this look because it was a performance. Zendaya was Cinderella, dropping her glass slipper on the carpet and having her stylist magic his wand to make her glow / light up was a fab performance of the night.

LADY GAGA – Brandon Maxwell & Swarovski

WOOOW, 4 outfits ?? To the MET Gala?? What a queen. I loved the first outfit the most, the huge pink draping 10ft gown, however, the following outfits didn’t do it for me. It was the revealing of it all that stunned me and the PERFORMANCE. What a grand way to showcase four outfits. I most enjoyed the way she took to the carpet, with confidence and clarity. A woman of real talent and grace.

BELLA HADID – after party outfit

Woweeee, Bella is BOMB. She’s one of my favourite models ever!! Her after party designer garment was FLAWLESS and fit the theme perfectly. From the accessories and dress to the shoes and beauty, she made the dress stand out for the after party. Goddess!


He held his own head … speechless. This was the most extravagant and eye catching look of the night, purely by his accessory (the head). Sometimes it’s not all about the outfit, the dress / outfit can have exquisite accessories, hair and makeup & these can be the elements that make your MET Gala look go from a 9 to an 11!!!! (Higher than 10 means AMAZE). The red material allows his dark facial features to stand out and just creates an ultimate LOOK for 2019 MET.

MADELAINE PETSCH – Jean Paul Gautlier

Hardly anyone wore green this year to the MET and I’m sooo glad Madelaine did. Standing out of the crowd looking like the queen fairy of the Earth, she graced the MET this year with an outstanding dress that not only shows great detail, but also allows her to wear the dress, NOT the dress to wear her. She is taking over the dress by being insanely beautiful and allowing her hair to contrast the dress.

LILY COLLINS – Giambattista Valli

One of my favourite actresses EVER, Lily Collins, was a vision of beauty (as per). The grandness of the hair, the shear talent of the designer and the accessories to perfectly match just created an outstanding piece for Lily to walk the Met Gala in. A queen of acting and an angel on the carpet! A 10/10 MET dress.


The colours in this dress are just stunning. The subtle colours which blend together so nicely create an enchanting effect. Another fairy to grace the MET Gala 2019 this year! The colour of her hair was AMAZE for this look. This colour palette is just perfect for Lucy. Naturally beautiful with a killer dress this year. (I can confirm that her hair is goals).

EZRA MILLER – Burberry

FOLLOWED THE THEME AMAZINGLY!! Ezra has officially stunned the audience with a Burberry piece to DIE for. Showing off the camp theme tremendously with pure art on his face. Revealing the eyes behind the mask just shows the power and creative vibes that this gives off. Iconic. An outfit fit for a king.


I have been a fan of Harry’s since my first ever One Direction concert YEARS AGO. (I’m an OG). I’m thrilled that Harry went for a darker tone for the MET this year, surprising the whole audience with a black lace piece made everyone SHOOK. Only THE Harry Styles could pull this off and pull it off with sheer coolness.

There are so many wonderful designs this year at the MET. But these are my favourite for 2019. I could put many more looks on here but the list would be forever more.

What’s your take on the MET Gala designs in 2019?

Love, Sophie Eleanor x

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