Fresh Beginnings

Hello again, I’ve decided to switch it up a bit and blog more. Not sure if i’m doing set days yet, but i’m definitely blogging every Friday (as usual), but then adding possibly another day to blog, maybe a Tuesday. Haven’t made my mind up fully yet! As I’ve been blogging for more than half a year now and I have my new website, I’ve decided to take it up a notch and post possibly twice or a few times a week, just to be more exciting.

Today’s post is all about fresh beginnings. As I write this, I’m sitting in the sunshine, eating some strawberries and loving life. I’m feeling very open to talk about life recently so here I am, going to pour my heart and soul into a post, as per.

I love to sit in the sun when writing my posts, I believe it allows my thought process to be more clear as i’m soaking in the sunshine, drinking a smoothie and breathing in the fresh air. Good times! I’ve just had my nails done too (just gels), and wanted to show you all how sparkly they are, i’m in love.

As we’re growing up, we’re told that we need our lives planned out and that we have to make mega £££ to survive in the real world, which in part is true. I have a true love and dying wish to want to be in the fashion industry some how, but getting there is a lot harder than it looks.

The job role I would dream to be part of would be styling or possibly designing. I have a flare for being able to put an outfit together, it’s what I enjoy doing and it’s what many of my readers pick up on in my blog posts. I’m also able to design an outfit in my head, sounds strange but I can see a garment and picture in my mind how much better it would look (for me) if possibly the hems were different or the material was slightly unusual. I am a fan of art too, I enjoy to draw and create pieces. Maybe i’ll go down this road in my life sometime, but i’m happy with life at the moment. Life will take me on it’s journey with whatever path I fall into. And that’s ok with me.

Fresh beginnings – what does that mean? Well to me, having a fresh beginning doesn’t mean starting over completely, but means that I can have a fresh beginning with some other aspect of my life. Whether that means taking up the gym or eating more greens, a fresh beginning means using your past life skills and moulding them into the person you are today to help you in your future. One fresh beginning of mine is that I’m now a gym girl, the treadmill is my bestfriend hahah.

Anyhow, earlier this week I tweeted a post basically stating that I would love to style people and see if any one was interested. This is my fresh beginning. I also posted it on Instagram. The feedback I’ve had has been so lovely, from the people I’ve helped and others wanting help. So many of you amazing readers wanted some advice, either on fashion tips or for me to pick out clothes for you to purchase, which I was over the moon by! So I thought I would post on here too, if anyone is looking for some new summer clothes or is just feeling a change of style, feel free to message me and i’d LOVE to give some of my own personal advice on styling yourselves. I’m not professional (yet haha) and i’m not saying you would all love my taste, but I can give free feedback at the moment. For now it’s all free and fun!

Message me for style / fashion advice, everyone is welcome to my help if needed:

  • Instagram: soph.h
  • Twitter: sophhendersonn

You can also message me on Facebook Messenger.

I take massive inspiration from Pinterest. If you don’t have it then I don’t know where you’ve been, you NEED to get it. It’s helped me personally to find my own style and what I genuinely do really like on myself. Through out writing i’ll be showing you some of my Pinterest board and the pictures I save of street style worldwide. Pinterest is a social media platform in which people post images and you can save them and share them with others. So lets say a fashion blogger who lives in Spain puts up an image of her outfit on Instagram. Thousands will look at that photo and someone may want to put it onto their Pinterest to make a board saying “Spanish Style” or something, and then it gets passed around and many more people worldwide will see the fashion image. It’s mainly used to help people get passionate about clothing globally. I have a ‘hair’ board, a ‘Street style’ board, a ‘nails’ board and many more. These are to help me get inspiration, which is very useful!

Reminder: all of the pictures shown are NOT my own. I have taken them from my Pinterest boards. I wish these pictures were mine though hahah. I’m going to be purchasing a good camera soon so hopefully my pictures will get better with practise.

Street Style: The Mini Skirt

Pictures are not my own.

I take inspiration from Pinterest to help me see what skirts I like. Mini skirts will always be in fashion all year-round. It’s one of those pieces that you can style with a jumper, baggy top, or shirt and it still look’s great. At the moment i’m a huge fan of a patterned skirt, mini or long, i’m all here for them.


Street style: Bouncy Blouse

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pictures are not my own.

As you all know, I wear blouses all the time. They can be worn formally or informally. I tend to wear them when the weather is more cooler outside, purely because I get too hot in long sleeves during the summer, as most people do too. But a blouse is what everyone needs in their wardrobes this year.


Street Style: Power Worker

Pictures are not my own.

My Pinterest style board is also useful when i’m looking for smarter clothing to wear. You can dress smartly and be creative at the same time. Some people believe you’ve just got to be boring when going to work or for an occasion, but lemme tell you, being creative and needing to be smart has it’s perks. Go colourful! Try flared trousers! Be bold and smart.


Street Style: Boho Bodies

Pictures are not my own.

Oh my oh my, i’m living for long skirts and dresses this summer. I’ve always liked the bohemian style and I tend to go for that during summer. Florals are IN FASHION PEOPLE. Get some florals this year and I promise you wont regret it. Floral and flowy is the way to go.


Street Style: Relaxed Fit

Pictures are not my own.

Finding these images on Pinterest was useful when going out for the day just casually. Possibly to a park, or out shopping somewhere, these outfits are definitely a go to for me.


Street Style:  Dangerous Denim

Pictures are not my own.

Denim. is. the. best. people.

Rock denim skirts, shirts, jeans, shorts or jackets in these hot months. Denim is a material that can be worn pretty much all year around, could possibly be too cold in winter but in any coldish-warm/hot weather it is a great piece to be wearing. Finding these on Pinterest was a life saviour for me.


I hope you all enjoyed reading, comment below what your favourite outfit from my Pinterest board is. I’d love to follow peoples Pinterest boards, so comment what yours are and i’ll give you a follow.

Find your fresh beginning this summer. Mine is styling people and getting the word out about my fashion advice. Again, if you’d like some help feel free to drop me a message on any of my social media platforms.

Love, Sophie Eleanor xo




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