Back to uni: Second year fashion student!!

Hi my loves, welcome back to another Friday post! Just a reminder: remember to enter my giveaway, it closes on 9/10/18!!! Terms & Conditions are on my Instagram or on my previous blog post.

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I’m officially a second year fashion student ahhhh! I’m going to carry on my blogging as per, because I love it so much! But I’m also going to try and get lots of experience in fashion stores & catwalks.

Today’s Attire:

  • Sunglasses: vintage store in Hull
  • Jeans: Urban Outfitters
  • Shoes: Comme des Garçons
  • Jumper: Vintage Guru Store – vintage Tommy Hilfiger.

I bought this vintage tommy today & I loooove it, so comfy & perfect for A/W looks.

I’ve been into uni a few times this week just getting my bearings. I used to be at Avenue Campus in Northampton, however this year they’ve changed the uni completely and have made it all into one University, and in one location. It’s called Waterside Campus and tbh it’s truly beautiful, it’s so open, with swans and all kinds of wildlife just outside your window. I’m a fan of a swan.

I’ve spoken to my course tutor a lot this week and she’s so happy that I’ve carried on and I’m glad to be back at uni, studying what I really love doing. I’ve always loved fashion. I’ve never wanted to really do anything else. Some people do fashion because they think they ‘like’ clothes a bit, but it’s soooo much more than that. You have to be FULLY dedicated to do fashion tbh, as well as any other degree. The industry is MASSIVE globally, I know I wanna be in catwalks designing it or be a stylist or in photoshoots, so if anyone has any work experience for me hit me up hahah!

One of my new friends has started at the Uni doing my course but in the year below, Megan! She’s super cute & second year students will be working with first years, so I can’t wait to work with her on fashion projects!! We get on so well & have so much in common! It’ll be nice to meet up with her lots & collaborate on projects, and also go out for dinner & clubbing whoop whoop!!

I seem to attract Megan’s btw, one of my best friends is called Meg, then my close friend called Megan from Uni / NSG, and then my sister is called Megan, CRAZY!

So if you’re called Megan / Meg, then i’ll probably get on with you really well hahah!

I’m looking forward to getting into my projects and photo shoots. Second year students have more freedom than first years, so i’m looking forward to shooting more and showing you all my creative fashion images.

This year I want to focus more on my styling too, so my images will be heavily about styling and the “look” of the image / clothing.

Fashion Promotion & Communication is a digital degree! I’d love to know what you all do for a living? Whether you’re still at school, or at uni or working? Let me know in the comments, I love to know peoples lifestyles. (I’m nosey).

I can’t wait to go to uni and have people see my styles again, I enjoy looking a bit different & I love it when people ask where I get my clothes from. A lot of the time it’s either from Urban Outfitters, Zara or it’s Vintage. But if you see me at uni, i’ll definitely say hello & tell you where a piece is from. Otherwise, it’s all tagged on my Instagram. Insta: soph.h

I need to still buy a few bits for stationary, but I did purchase this beauty which i’ll be using for second year.

I think it’s soooo cute. Really motivating too, it has a vent page which i’ll be using hahah! It’s just a notebook which I can write some project notes in and what work i’ll be doing throughout the next year.

It has different things on every page, so it’s super interesting & it was only from Paperchase, gotta love paperchase.

I’m meeting a few of my friends next week on different days for coffee catch ups, which will be happening so much more now that i’m back at uni. Can’t wait!

Speak to you all on Tuesday my angels.

Remember to enter my giveaway!! It closes on 9/10/18.

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie xo

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