Attending the Glamour UK Beauty Festival 2019

Hi angels! Welcome back to another post.

I’ve been so busy this weekend (just gone). I took my sister for her birthday to the Glamour UK beauty festival at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, London.

The area is so lovely and beautiful, I really want to live there some day, whether my blogging takes me further enough to be able to achieve this goal or whether it be another job. It’s a definite goal of mine to own a coloured house, preferably pink ngl haha!

We spend the whole day in London on Saturday, walking around Chelsea / Kensington in the morn and going to the beauty festival in the afternoon.

I’ve uploaded and created a YouTube Vlog all about the event, so if you want an in-depth watch about the Glamour beauty festival then head over to my YouTube channel: Sophie Henderson.

The event had such beautiful floral walls. My sister was the photographer for the day bless her. As I’m a blogger, I always want to capture the memories and moments of these events, so she helped me out loads with all the images I got!

At the event, you could go to lots of different rooms, from hair braiding to getting full faces of makeup done to having your stomach fat frozen (not my cuppa tea), getting facials by amazing skincare brands to getting your nails done and so on. There were so many different stalls and sections which you could look at and buy from.

The goodie bag was AMAZING. I think it made the event wonderful if I’m honest. The gifted goodie bag was over £100’s worth of beauty and hair products. I’ve listed each item I kindly received on my Vlog!

Through their website, you could book one talk to attend on the day, so we went to Patrick Wilson’s talk (celebrity hair stylist) who was doing Mollie King’s hair (from the Saturdays).

Their interview was by Josh Smith, who interviews many celebrities!! So seeing all of them was an honour and was mega cool. I was even on Mollie King’s Instagram story and Patrick Wilson shared it onto his! So I’m reached fame everyone hahaha.

Having a mooch around all of the areas on each floor (there were 3 floors), we came across the skincare area. This is my favourite areaaaaa. We even got free facials done there by Pixi Beauty, which was fab! My skin felt super fresh and clean afterwards. We got a discount code there to use at Pixi, so I bought a serum to help hydrate my skin.

Walking through each room on each floor, we discovered different parts to the festival. We really wanted to get our hair braided, but the queue was too long, so unfortunately we couldn’t do that. But the festival as a whole was amazing! I highly recommend attending the next one angels. I will be! So you’ll see me there!

This was all in the afternoon. In the morning we walked around Chelsea, explored the streets and took plenty of photo’s.

My sister & I went to a wonderful café called Maitre Choux and the interior was so pretty. Every wall & ceiling is filled with pink flowers. You feel like you’re in a floral wonderland!

The flowers were the perfect backdrop. We both had hotchocolate to drink. They were expensive I must say, but everywhere in London is, especially Chelsea / Kensington. The café specialises in eclairs, and they looked YUM. We had a small one each and it was sooo good. I highly recommend visiting their eclair café.

We walked the streets, filled with colourful houses and beautiful flowers. I was in my happy place.

This street is where I really hope to live one day. It is stunning. Pink houses are now my latest house trend that I shall forever love. I clearly couldn’t get enough of the pink houses!!

After touring the pink houses of Chelsea, we needed some food before we headed to the beauty festival. So we grabbed some street food which was situated next to the Saatchi Gallery, so it was perfect walking distance from the Glamour UK beauty festival.

I had a burger and my sister had some weird thing to eat, if I’m honest I can’t remember what it actually was. It was like a pasty! But anyhow, I chose the burger haha!

We looked around the shops nearby, from & Other Stories to Anthropologie, both are beautiful stores. I absolutely love their clothes and lifestyle sections.

I didn’t actually buy any clothes in London, I wanted to see what was at the festival and then decide what to purchase. But as the goodie bag was SO GOOD, I didn’t need to buy anything, other than the Pixi beauty serum. RESULT!

I had such a wonderful time with my sister. It was her 23rd birthday present for me and as we both love fashion, beauty & lifestyle, it was the perfect festival & event to attend.

London is where I’m heading after I finish my 3rd year of uni (after next year). It’s where the jobs are for what I want to do, so who knows if I’ll become a London full time blogger / vlogger or if I’ll work for a fashion brand. Who knows! I’m ready for the journey ahead.

I will be writing an in-depth post all about my Glamour UK beauty festival goodie bag this Friday, so stay tuned and I’ll be back with more blogs.

Dress: Nobody’s Child Black Etta Star button midi dress – use my code: NCXSOPHH20 for 20% off! – code ends soon angels, so use it while you can!

Love, Sophie Eleanor / Styled by Sophie x

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