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Hi angels. Happy 2021! I think we are all in the same boat when it comes to saying ADIOS to 2020. There were definitely highs and major lows, but what I did take from it was the importance of a skin routine for myself. I’ve always had luck with my skin in terms of blemishes and whatnot, but for me wearing masks this past year has definitely taken its toll on my skin. The texture is different and I’m getting much more spots, especially around my chin and cheek areas.

This is when my skin routine needed to be on my side. I definitely switch up my routine quite often and have lots of different brands that I try with my skin, with blemishes especially. But for the healthiness and cleanliness of my skin, my absolute favourite routine is by Dermalogica. I have received many wonderful packages from themselves which has been lovely to use and chat about and share with you all. I’ll be talking today more in depth of my absolute favourites from their products.

IG: soph.h

Of course we all have those days when we don’t feel our best and our routines go out the window. But to improve my skin’s overall cleanliness, I use their Pre-Cleanse, Special Cleansing Gel & the Daily Microfoliant. These work together (used separately). I’ve been a skinfluencer for Dermalogica for over a year now and having these skin care products really boosted my routine. During lockdowns (now in the third), I’ve had my personal ups and downs, as has everyone. But having a routine, even if it’s a skin care routine, truly makes me feel more positive and have my life together just that little bit more.

Trio of Daily Products

My favourite of the trio has to be the pre-cleanse. I love the oiliness! Having the pre-cleanse in itself makes me feel like my skin is clean. I find an oil like this you only need a little bit as it goes so far. The tops of my cheeks can get dry and the oil seems to help it! Use with warm water to wash it off afterwards.

Invisible Physical Defense SPF & Skinperfect Primer

If I had any two favourites from my collection, it would be these two. The skinperfect primer is AMAZING. I tend to not wear primers or foundation or anything over my face makeup wise, the most I use is concealer, but oh my!! The skinperfect primer really made my skin glow. It has a natural tint to it and is SPF 30, brilliant for summer if you’re wanting a natural and glowy yet light coverage.

The other SPF product is the Invisible Physical Defense, which I used every single day during summer 2020. I have to admit, I know I should be wearing SPF every single day, but during the two recent lockdowns, it’s been winter and I’ve just stayed indoors mostly (no excuse, I apologise to the skin gods). But for 2021 I’ll try to use the SPF every day.

Hydro Masque Exfoliant

A BEAUTIFUL Dermalogica creation is their Hydro Masque Exfoliant. When my skin is having a rough time, quite literally, I use this. It’s my skin saviour of 2020. It’s a blue tint with small exfoliating spheres. I tend to leave this on for maybe 3 minutes or so, then wash off with warm water & flannel. After this I use a moisturiser. Every time I wash my face I moisturise, not only helps my skin stay smooth but also can calm my skin as it’s sensitive. With literally everything, all you sensitive skin people can relate.

Neck Fit Contour Serum

My newest product in the collection, the Neck Fit Contour Serum. I haven’t tried this yet as I literally kindly received it today. I’m super excited about this one as I always moisturise my neck, ever since Khloe Kardashian mentioned she moisturised her neck back in like 2016 or something I didn’t realise I never moisturised there hahah! So since then my neck has been moisturised to the highest heavens. A new neck product excites me and I’ll keep you all updated via my Instagram – @soph.h – about it.

IG: soph.h

Thanks my angels for reading and go check out Dermalogica products as it really has helped me with my skin routine. Changing up a routine is always good and fresh, so maybe try something new. Thank you to Dermalogica U.K. for the products.

Love, Soph x

IG: soph.h – YouTube: sophiehenderson – Brand: hendysthelabel

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